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Funny Story...


Morin for the win!

The Spanish language movie poster for "I, Frankenstein"

Fabulous Bobtail Squid doesn't give a fuck, 'cause fabulous Bobtail Squid is too busy being fabulous

We try, Kinda...

"Family Values!"

A Blast From The Past: Ronald Reagan: Martin Luther King Had It Coming

Rick Perlstein gave Steve Kornacki a real insight into the way Conservatives thought about Martin Luther King back in his day. And after listening to Laura Ingraham's use of gun shot sound to denigrate Rep. John Lewis' speech, I think those sentiments still resonate today with most conservatives today.

For some real historical context, this discussion on Up with Steve Kornacki this week-end is a must see. In the first segment, Rick Perlstein draws attention to St Ronnie of wingnuts' comments after King's assassination:

He said he had it coming. He said, "it's the sort of great tragedy when we begin compromising with law and order and people started choosing which laws they would break."

He's referring to civil disobedience. This was pretty much a consensus view on the right among the same people who celebrate Martin Luther King now. Frankly, Martin Luther King had to be forgotten before he could be remembered. Martin Luther King called himself a socialist. Jesse Helms wasn't pulling that out of nowhere. His associate, Daniel Levinson, probably had been a communist. And the main demand of the march for jobs and freedom was a phrase that was resounding at the time but we don't remember it now, "a Marshal Plan for the cities", which meant a massive federal investment in developing the depressed areas of america. Which I don't think we heard in Washington (this past week-end)

Pretty sure we wouldn't hear that on Fox News of 1965 or 2013 either.


Catch me if you can...

So, that explains things...

Who are the REAL Job Creators?

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