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Here you go…

One night, Marie and Pierre Curie were walking down the street when they came across a neighbor

Instead of greeting them with "Good evening," the neighbor shook their hands and said, "Congratulations!" and walked off.

Well, the Curies were a bit confused by that and continued walking down the avenue.

They came across three more acquaintances, who all did the same thing; stopped to shake their hands, wished them congratulations and then walked off.

When they came to the fifth person, they finally decided to ask them what they were congratulating them for.

Well, the person told them, "Because you're expecting a child, of course." "'A child,' you say?", said Pierre Curie, "Why would say that?"

"Because of Madame Curie, I can see it in her face…" said the neighbor.

"She's glowing."

It's how the World works…

Ask me nothing...

Instead, direct all of your ponderings to this distinguished gentleman:

He has more answers than I do, since he once knew being and is now experiencing nothingness.

If Republican House Had a Real Job

This is how they "work" now:

But in the REAL WORLD, they should get this kind of treatment (Please skip to 1min 46 secs)
Think of the guy in the hat as the Congress and his Boss as the taxpayers:


Grooming time…


We shouldn't be giving the Republicans any more ideas…

Hansel & Gretel Get Baked

That's mighty high praise coming from your standard, garden variety adolescent…

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