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The tragedy here is that they're totally unaware of how fucked up this actually is...

Trust me, you're better off not knowing...

Blocking the haters...

Oh, Baltimore...


In a damning report released Wednesday, the Department of Justice details the ways in which the Baltimore Police Department has violated the rights of the people its officers are sworn to protect.

The problems detailed in the 163-page report are broad and deep. But they're specific, too: a "pattern or practice" of discrimination is, of course, made of moments.

To be clear, the report emphasizes that this is not a case of a few bad apples. The problems are systemic — supervisors, policies, weak investigations and officer culture all play a role, the DOJ found.

The report, based on interviews with more than 500 people and a review of hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, is packed with statistics and analysis. Alongside the numbers, time and again, it highlights individual victims and specific acts of violence.

In many of those cases, the victims of the violence had come forward to file a complaint with the police department. One of the DOJ's findings is that the Baltimore police actively worked to discourage and suppress complaints from citizens. (As MSNBC's Trymaine Lee put it, the investigation took 14 months "to reveal what black folks in the city of Baltimore have known for generations.")


Remember that Freddie Gray has taught us that it's practically IMPOSSIBLE to convict a Baltimore cop for killing an innocent black man.

Keep this White Supremacy Pyramid handy. You'll never know when you may need it...

(Actually, you and I both know that you'll ALWAYS need it. Just trying to be polite.)

Gimme some Head!

Choose one!

If DT is supposedly a straight talker, according to his supporters...

Why do these same supporters feel that they have to explain the actual "meaning" behind whatever he's saying?

Fabulous hummingbirds don't give a fuck, because fabulous hummingbirds are too busy being fabulous


Bad Cop, No Donut: DoJ: Baltimore cops “coerced sex in exchange for immunity from arrest”

The report found that officers specifically targeted “members of a vulnerable population.”
Updated by Victoria M. Massie on August 10, 2016, 6:00 p.m. ET @vmmassie

Among the many damning findings within the Department of Justice report on the Baltimore Police Department is the revelation that some police officers allegedly coerced “members of a vulnerable population” into having sex, particularly those involved in sex work, in exchange for avoiding arrest, for cash, and even for narcotics.

“This conduct is not only criminal,” the report said, “it is an abuse of power.”

The report found that even though one officer had internal records with documented evidence of such conduct, no one — from BPD to the State’s Attorney’s Office — pursued criminal charges. Instead, he was allowed to resign (emphasis added):

For example, BPD investigators became aware of one officer’s alleged misconduct in March of 2012 when they conducted a “prostitution initiative” “for the purposes of gathering intelligence and obtaining confidential informants relating to police corruption.” One of the women interviewed informed BPD investigators that she met with a certain officer and engaged in sexual activities in the officer’s patrol car once every other week “in exchange for U.S. Currency or immunity from arrest.” The Department administratively closed the case nine months later, without, it appears, referring the matter for criminal prosecution or interviewing the accused officer, or any other potential witnesses.


This is pretty much confirmation for my belief that law enforcement behaves like predators.
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