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Sure, a 14yo sexual offender has "rights..."

As does that offender's victims. Rights inherently have responsibilities attached to them. Such as the responsility of the offender's parents to not allow the abuse to go unchecked and then to cover it up afterwards. The kid may not be legally "responsible" as a juvenile, but that doesn't mean that neither he nor the parents who have custody over him shouldn't be held accountable.

Justice demands that they should.

Then there's the thoroughly distasteful way that those same parents would lean on their own homophobia, by accusing LGBTQ people, with no credible evidence whatsoever, of doing to kids what their own little lothario actually did.

You can just smell the hypocrisy.

I'm quite sure that the once juvenile offender grew up without any real intervention at all. Which is a disaster for some child's life waiting to happen.

We're not talking about the childish curiosity of a "show me yours and I'll show you mine" situation, we're talking about a goddamned 14 year old who abused helpless victims. A 14 year old who grew up to be an adult, one who only seems to feel any remorse right after he got caught.

Sorry, I'm not feeing any sympathy for the homophobic, right wing, pious pedo and his wholly incompetent and hypocritical parents with a pregnancy fetish.

I'm saving all my sympathy for their victims.

Gauntlet thrown...

So calm and serene...


"I hate it when that stuff sticks to my fur…"

Well, it is Sunday, after all...

"Welcome to Florida, Joey."

Just uploaded my latest show...


Mixcloud Stream: http://bit.ly/1AaDTfy

The Alien King...

If Trayvon Martin had lived: Meet Monroe Bird. Shot, paralyzed by his own neighborhood security

Excerpt: Meet Monroe Bird III below the fold.

Monroe Bird, now a quadriplegic, before and after being shot in his own neighborhood

On February 4, sitting in his own car in his own neighborhood, talking to a female passenger, Monroe Bird was shot in the neck by a security guard, Ricky Stone, a 52-year-old white man. The bullet pierced the C3 vertebrae in his neck. Standing 6 feet, 8 inches, Bird, a gifted athlete, is now unable to move his arms or legs and relies on a ventilator to breathe. Beloved by his family and friends, Monroe had a larger-than-life personality and was really a model citizen. His parents pastor a church outside of Tulsa, Okla., and actually serve on the city council of their hometown.
Below we will dig into exactly how this happened and identify some very troubling aspects of the story.

1. The security guard who shot Bird possessed marijuana at the time of the shooting. He told the Tulsa police that he hadn't smoked it in a few weeks, and they didn't even give him a citation. This is the definition of white privilege. In Oklahoma, possession of marijuana is an automatic misdemeanor. Why was Ricky Stone not cited?

Mind you, Tulsa was quick to test Eric Harris for drugs after they killed him and then released the results widely—even though he never acted violently toward officers.

2. The security guard went to the tired, age-old excuse and claimed that he saw Bird reach into his glove compartment. According to the police report, no weapons were found in or near the car, and no items that even seemed to belong in the glove compartment were found out or about in the car. Yet, in a hurry to leave, we are expected to believe that Bird randomly fidgeted in the glove compartment just for the hell of it.

3. The security guard claimed he thought Monroe and his female passenger were having sex in the car and that he only approached them because of this.

She's white. Bird is black.

Both she and Bird have adamantly denied any such thing was happening and denied it when the security guard confronted them. What role did race play in this confrontation?

The security guard has claimed that Bird, who has no criminal record, attempted to run him over and basically kill him there on the spot—a preposterous claim—and that is when the guard says he began firing his weapon into the car.

Both the female passenger and Bird denied the guard's account and stated that they were driving away when Stone began recklessly firing his gun into the car.

4. The security guard who shot Bird worked for Benjy D. Smith, who owns Smith & Son Security Company. This important to know because Smith is a reserve deputy for the same Tulsa Sheriff's Office that is currently under national scrutiny for its unethical practices with Reserve Deputy Bob Bates, who shot and killed Eric Harris earlier this year.

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