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Out Of Sight, Out of Mind: Why White Moms Need to Care About Murdered Black Children

August 14, 2014 By Danielle S

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last few days, you’ve probably heard about the current situation going on in Ferguson, Missouri. Long story very short, a police officer killed unarmed Black teenager, Mike Brown. If you haven’t heard of Mike Brown, maybe you’ve heard of Eric Garner or John Crawford? Both unarmed Black men killed by the police. Oh and then there’s Ezell Ford another unarmed Black man killed by police at a peaceful protest in LA. Maybe these stories are too new for you. Have you heard of Sean Bell or Oscar Grant? Maybe you think it’s just trigger happy police officers, but then there’s Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride, etc (yes because the list goes on and on) all unarmed and all killed by white people for “looking suspicious,” “playing loud music,” and “asking for help after a car accident.”

On my private Facebook page, I’ve been publicly asking my “white friends” to speak up and speak out against the racial injustices that are currently taking place. I reposted my post from Black History Month and quoted this particular section:

“I am tired of the silence of mothers of other races on this subject because they are too afraid to delve into race. I am tired of the only lives being valued having little to no melanin. These are BOYS dying… BOYS being killed because their very existence makes GROWN WHITE MEN fearful. What if these were white teenage boys? What if it was your fiance gunned down the night before your wedding? What if it was your boyfriend/father of your child shot while handcuffed and laying face down? Would it matter then? Would there be national days of silence or calls for changes to gun reform across the blogsphere for those people? Or are guns only bad when used on innocent white children?

Your silence makes me not trust you. Your silence makes me feel like you do not care about the future of my brown boy. Your silence breaks my heart.”

- See more at: http://mamademics.com/out-of-sight-out-of-mind-why-white-moms-need-to-care-about-murdered-black-children/#sthash.CwH5Acg0.dpuf

If I could describe what self-hatred is like, I'd say it would be existing as a black Republican

Black GOP Staffer Fired After Complaining About White Privilege On Facebook

Jul 29, 2014 By Michael Arceneaux

Some things are common knowledge. The sky is mostly blue if you don’t live in Los Angeles. Water is wet if you can still find it in Texas. White people — particularly those who espouse conservative beliefs — don’t want to be reminded of their White privilege.

I assumed most people who reach a certain arc of adulthood know to carry these truths with them, but in the case Regina V. Ross Roundtree (pictured), that last fun fact is a newly lesson learned following her abrupt firing from the Penny Bacchiochi (pictured above) for lieutenant governor campaign. Roundtree, a paid consultant, was let go of her duties once word got out that she wrote a Facebook post complaining about her employer’s opponent, Heather Bond Somers, making jabs about her and essentially exploiting the perks of White privilege.

The post — now deleted — featured Roundtree claiming:

“People think what they think, but help the party out and don’t plaster your complete sense of privilege. This is an example of what is sometimes phrased as ‘White privilege.’ The way Heather talks. The arrogance and belittlement of Penny’s and her family’s feelings or any other person who has experienced racism. Our feelings or the fact that we may say something is an embarrassment to the party.”

Somers’ campaign manager, Jon Conradi, responded in a statement:

“The Heather Somers campaign calls on Bacchiochi to immediately disavow herself of these divisive comments which have no place in the Republican Party or in public discourse.”


Do you like beer, wine and booze for the taste, or because it gets you drunk?

Yes, we all know that alcohol is a social lubricant. But, why do you love getting lubricated so much?

Curious minds want to know.

It was a joke...

In other news, it is the circle of life...

This is the end.

The Internet Bring You Another Not So Famous Quote From Famous People:


I believe I can fly Pt.4...

When I first heard Hitch give this answer, I didn't really understand it...

These days, I do.


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