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Valar Morghulis...

Time to get your funny on...

Anti-Gay Marriage GOP Candidate Explains His Past As A Drag Queen

Republican North Carolina State Senate candidate Steve Wiles used to go by a different name — "Miss Mona Sinclair."
Wiles' past life as a drag queen and promoter for the "Miss Gay America" pageant was detailed in a report published by the Winston-Salem Journal Saturday. Business Insider spoke to Wiles, who supports a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in North Carolina, and he explained why he doesn't consider himself "anti gay" and why he no longer dresses in drag.

"I think that everyone has their own choices to make and I'm fine with everyone making their own. For me, from a religious standpoint, just for my life, for me, it just was not something that I wanted to continue," Wiles said of his drag performances. "Of course it was an embarrassment, but you know, you move on. You live life, and you change, and you make yourself what you want yourself to be. And that's where I am now."
Wiles declined to answer when Business Insider asked whether he considers himself an "ex-gay."

"No, no, I really wont make any comments on that," he said.

Wiles also said he believes the Winston-Salem Journal report was an attack from his opponents whom he described as "looking to take the focus off of their failures," A few hours after the story was published, Wiles published a note on his Facebook page wherein he apologized for having had an "embarrassing" job. In spite of his regrets, with the election days away, Wiles told Business Insider he has no intention of stopping his campaign.

"I mean, there's only three more days," said Wiles with a laugh.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/anti-gay-marriage-gop-candidate-explains-his-past-as-a-drag-queen-2014-5#ixzz30hGtGJpO

So, GOTV, you slackers...




Let's Be Honest...

3 San Jose State Students Expelled Over Bullying of Black Roommate

San Jose State University administrators have expelled three of the four students accused of bullying their black roommate, Judge LaDoris Cordell said.

The Mercury News reports the students expelled by the university are Logan Beaschler, Colin Warren and a juvenile. The university found that they violated school rules and put the victim's safety in jeopardy.

The fourth student, Joseph Bomgardner, was suspended for one year. He also faces other sanctions and must take five counseling sessions.

All four white students are accused of putting a u-shaped bike lock around their roommate's neck and taunting him because of the color of his skin.


Try looking from side to side...

I know where's the party at...

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