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…And now, It's time to show you once again When Photoshop Goes Terribly Wrong.

My Doggiiiiiiieeee!

I love this John Oliver show on HBO - I did not know that Tony Abbot was the Down Under GWB

How the HELL did that happen?

What the fuck were they drinking in Australia?

Uh… I mean THINKING in Australia.

Are they going to can his stupid ass? They need to.

You know, when I was stationed at Spangdahlem, I picked up a little German...

He was a circus dwarf named Hans.

They told me to put him back and leave.

Gubernatorial candidate Chris Holbrook arrested for exercising 1st Amendment

The candidate is a Libertarian and he knows the law more than the cop who arrested him

“We can’t stand in a park with a yellow shirt on and talk to people about liberty?”
“Turn your phone off!”
May 31, 2014

Minnesotan gubernatorial candidate Chris Holbrook was exercising his 1st Amendment right on Thursday at Lake Calhoun park in Minnesota.

He was simply talking to people about liberty when he was approached by some true Minnesota jackboots destined to stomp out what little rights are left to Americans.

“You guys need to contact the park board and get a permit,” said the jackboot tyrant “You can’t promote, you can’t do any of that stuff without a permit.”

Apparently this power tripping cop’s version of the Constitution that he swore an oath to, lacked the part about prohibiting any laws that abridge the freedom of speech.

Welcome to America ladies and gentlemen, when you talk to people in a park about freedom you go to jail for it. How can these thugs sleep at night?

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/video-talk-freedom-public-park-jail/#6Wc0R5bSOv9BT5R5.99

A realistic horror movie plot

My Jam...

When I was in Texas thirty years ago, people there rightly called it "God's Country"

Back then, it wasn't hard to see why. The state never did become my cup of tea, but it wasn't from any lack of effort. I had good times and bad times both. I experienced the state's natural beauty, in spite of the heat and the fire ants.

Although I never wanted to go back, there were some things and people I missed about it. But leaving there I thought, in a lot of ways, they've got a good thing going in Texas.

Today, from my remote view, I've become appalled at what Texas has become. Years of drought, oil and gas exploration and regressive GOP poiltics have taken a heavy toll on that state. God's Country is fast becoming a godforsaken wasteland. Pollution, decay, despair and more hold sway.

Texans seem more intent on turning to divine intervention to solve these problems than collective human action. I don't know why that's the case. Of course, I'm not there, I could be wrong.

Hopefully, the election of Wendy Davis will put some much needed spark back into the Lone Star State and folks will follow her lead.

There's a long Way to go to get back what was lost.

I wish everyone there the best I of luck.

Earworm time...

You can thank me later.

Rest In Power, Maya Angelou

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