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Meet Holly: A Lying Right-Wing ‘Christian’ Taliban Extremist Ammosexual Whackjob (Images)

With all the right-wing focus on Muslim extremists, it’s important to wonder at what point good, ‘Murikan “Christian” “patriots” become the thing they hate the most.

Take Holly Fisher of Charleston, WV, for example (please!). Fisher, “Holly Hobby Lobby” on Twitter, has been drawing a bit of attention with a picture she posted after she was criticized for not having enough guns, flags, or JESUS in her Hobby Lobby picture she took in response to Bristol Palin’s failed “Hobby Lobby Love” Twitter campaign, in which the daughter of half-wit, half-term former Governor Sarah Palin encouraged people to take photographs of themselves shopping at the anti-women’s rights craft chain.

Since she did not appear extremist enough, Holly amped up the jihad a bit with a new photo:

Her new photo has everything–an unnecessarily dangerous weapon being carried around in public, the Bible, and, of course, a flag within which she can wrap her bigotry and hatred.

…Where have we seen this before? Oh! Yes!

The rest: http://justinspoliticalcorner.tumblr.com/post/91028947167/meet-holly-a-lying-right-wing-christian-taliban#.U7qHDBa-YjI

This moment is now...

Why in god's name would you do this to yourself, human?

Sharing is caring...

Mini Martin Van Buren is not amused...

Beware the Andromeda Strain…

I'd be surprised if there was still a bottom to this freaking barrel...


Don't you hate it when you lose your short term... whatchamacallit?

It's like your train of thought done gone and derailed

Graphic Designer Responds to Craigslist Ad by Texting a Series of Boner Logos

A couple opening a new restaurant placed a Craigslist ad looking for a graphic designer to help create a logo, menu and other such things.

BIG MISTAKE! Why? Who cares!

What unfolds after that is hilarious, yes, but also an important lesson we all need to learn at some point: Graphic design is hard. Really hard.


All good!

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