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On the outside, it appears as if DT is throwing his own race for the presidency...

In a way, this is true, but not intentionally so. His problem is that he's allowing his own ego to self-sabotage his campaign.

He tells everyone that only her can do this or that, he forces the Republican Party into becoming a cult of his own personality rather than a major political party, his thin-skinned responses to hit many critics and his annoyance on times when the spot light doesn't focus exclusively on himself, these are choices that he himself has made without ever regarding the consequences to his own words and actions.

Most voters want the candidate the vote for to inspire them, to at least have the feeling that such a candidate speaks for their concerns and they one one that they believe is looking out for themselves. As Trump makes EVERYTHING all about himself, more and more people are realizing that he doesn't care about anyone else.

Practically everything that DT say has some potentially negative impact for himself. Criticizing Gold Star families earns the ire of veterans groups. His pledge to repeal the ACA earns the fear of people who have benefitted from the program that he's going to take their health insurance away. Those who are concerned with America's place in the world are rightly afraid that a DT presidency will destroy our reputation and put the lives of Americans at unnecessary risk. People who are not white, Christian males anticipate a DT controlled government to engage in a process of systematic oppression against people who are not white, Christian males.

In response, his surrogates are alleging that the proper response to DT's rhetoric is that no one should take anything he says seriously. That any concern about his outrageous and utterly self-destructive statements is merely blowing things out of proportion. The point of this is to inoculate the voters into becoming more numb to DT than what people already are. Don't pay any attention to that, they say, besides rather than attacking, they're only defending. Again, this is self-sabotage. But just as long as the attention on on himself, however negatively, nothing else matters to himself.

DT, in doing all of this, is performing a type of political distillation. The heat of his rhetoric is burning off the voter base who one routinely vote for Republicans, leaving a greatly reduced, yet highly fervent cult of followers who would support him, no matter what. In an election where the popular vote determines the victor, this is nothing less that political suicide.

The approach here is crystal clear: Target his ego and his ego will do your work for you. He knows what his own Achilles Heel, so it's not like he's completely self-unaware. His protection of his ego has manifested itself in two recent statements: His assertion that he'll lose the election from his "belief" that the election is "rigged," and most notably, his efforts to skip participating in televised debates with Hillary Clinton. He doesn't want to face the consequences of allowing his own ego to sabotage his election to the White House.

End the end, he's doomed to failure... Once that anticipated failure happens, that's when his ego will force him to do anything. The most dangerous part of this game. No one expects him to go away quietly, as his ego will never allow him to let things go.

Where is your God now?

Korryn Gaines - Say her name

Black Lives Matter.

Denouncing anti-science: How Jill Stein lost my vote for good - See more at: http://www.patheos.com/

August 1, 2016 by Dan Arel

Anyone who reads this blog knows I have supported Jill Stein’s candidacy for president for a while now. She was my original choice until Bernie Sanders came along, and I moved back to Stein when Sanders didn’t clinch the nomination.

I even tried very hard to defend not only Stein’s but the Green Party’s anti-science beliefs. I can deal with some candidacy issues because not everyone is perfect, but there is a limit to how much a science advocate can take. That limit for me is downright lying about science, and over pandering to fear mongers.

I can no longer do that. I must speak out and I must abandon my endorsement of Stein and leave the Green Party.


First, she seemed wishy-washy on vaccines. She says they work, but then says they contain “toxins” and makes them sound as if they need more testing. I defended her original comments, but I denounced her latest. Since I already wrote about that at length, I won’t do so again here, but you can read my thoughts about her and vaccines here.

Now, she has posted a tweet that says “there is no evidence vaccines cause autism,” deleted it, and reposted it saying she doesn’t “know” of any evidence.

Her comments about vaccines are irresponsible and reprehensible. She should be ashamed.

- See more at: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/danthropology/2016/08/denouncing-anti-science-how-jill-stein-lost-my-vote-for-good/#sthash.bboCky1R.fGYe7aKy.dpuf

Venn diagraming your world

Why is Clinton the Only Presidential Candidate Who Isn't Pandering to Anti-Vaxxers?

Uhhh... 'Cause she's freaking SANE?

By Brianna Provenzano July 30, 2016

There is no medical evidence that links the ingredients in vaccines to autism. Period. Full stop.

Though the causes of autism itself remain shrouded in mystery, the belief that vaccinations play a role in its incidence, despite being widespread, is demonstrably false.

But in spite of this, three out of the four people running for president in 2016 — Donald Trump of the Republican party, Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party — have alluded to the fact that they buy into the bunk science.

Stein, an actual licensed medical doctor, gave an interview to the Washington Post on Friday in which she said that concerns about the role that corporate interests play in pharmaceutical companies' approval of vaccines warranted skepticism about them — language that, the Post notes, is common among the anti-vaxxer crowd.

"As a medical doctor, there was a time where I looked very closely at those issues, and not all those issues were completely resolved," she said. "There were concerns among physicians about what the vaccination schedule meant the toxic substances like mercury, which used to be rampant in vaccines. There were real questions that needed to be addressed. I think some of them at least have been addressed. I don't know if all of them have been addressed."

Johnson, for his part, was openly disavowing mandatory vaccinations on Twitter as recently as 2011.


Anything goes at this point, so why not?

Donald Trump is attacking a Gold Star Mom

He as no honor. And a man without honor should never be president.

That's your straightforward narrative right there.

Actress Constance Wu calls out racist whitewashing for Matt Damon’s ‘Great Wall’

If you’re a fan of “Fresh Off the Boat”—the hit ABC show that, despite the fact that we are living in the year 2016, is unique and groundbreaking because it happens to center on an Asian-American family—you may know Constance Wu as the mom character, Jessica Huang. What you should also know is that Wu is very much not feeling Hollywood’s white savior nonsense, erasure of people of color or indefensible racism. A couple of months ago, in an interview with Vulture, Wu basically took the entire film and television industry to task for the pathetic job it does with representation. Throughout the interview, she offers thoughts that are smart, insightful and totally on-point. Seriously, very worth a read.

More recently, Wu took to Twitter to discuss The Great Wall, a new movie that casts Matt Damon in the lead of a story that takes place during the Northern Song dynasty in China. It’s an absurd and insulting casting choice, and a stellar example of whitewashing. Wu pulled not a single punch in her takedown of the film and the thinking that allows it. It’s pure truth, and she is awesome for saying it.


Unlike Donald Trump...

Mrs. Khan knows full well that quiet dignity speaks more positively about ones own character than spewing blustery nonsense.
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