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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 59,422

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If your dog needs a wall…

Be the wall!

Cultural, Racial, Gender and Sexual Identity Inequality Made Simple

The Earth is 4.6 BILLION Years Old…

This is the year that will be remembered for_________________

Sriracha flavored Lays potato chips

Accept no lesser chip.

Fly Like An Eagle (7-1-73)

As far as Latin American Dictators went, Venezuela could have done a lot worse…

Chavez was no Pinochet, Somoza, Rios Montt, Trujillo, Galtieri, Torrijos, Noriega, Paz Garcia, Rodriguez, Cordova, Stroessner, Fujimori, Argentine Junta, El Salvadoran Junta, Suarez or Batista


Some days, you go through the door…

Other days, the door goes through YOU!

BROWN EYED GIRL - Isley Brothers

Lemme lay some of that good, old-fashioned Republican wisdom on y'all…

I already know that sugar is sweet, but what about you?

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