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Get ready to earn your toaster...

The AfterEllen.com Field Guide to Recruiting Lesbians
by Jenna Lykes | April 11, 2014

Oh, South Carolina, bless your little soul for consistently producing some of the most truly head-scratching stories of ignorance in the country. The most recent example? The University of South Carolina Upstate is canceling a performance called How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less, because, apparently, no one has a sense of humor. State Senator Mike Fair seems to believe that the show is a “recruiting” event and, to be honest, I actually have no words to respond to that.

Senator Fair, I hate to break it to you, but we don’t actually recruit. If we did, however, I think our field guide might look something like this:


The Best Beer in your state (It sucks to be you, Idaho)


The Deadly Pine Cone Viper right before it strikes...

The Coniferious Viperidae's poison is one of the deadliest known in nature. There is no known antidote for its venom. None have ever been successfully milked.

Although not as venomous as the Crotalinae Rosaceae Blanca, or The Highly Perturbed White Rose Pit Viper seen above, the Deadly Pine Cone Viper has been responsible for several deaths of hikers in the wilderness of three Western US states.

Usually more active in the Spring months, both of these dangerous creatures have been known to attack unsuspecting victims in swarms.

Be careful out there, everybody.

Dear Diary...

The rest: http://www.funnyordie.com/articles/26fccfb1c2/congressman-vance-mcallister-s-diary-entry-after-getting-his-first-kiss

Tyrion and Dany are meant to eventually find each other...

Get married and rule the 7 Kingdoms in the end, right?

Who else here thinks that's what going to happen?

Modern Problems...

Should Samantha Bee take over Stephen Colbert's slot?


It’s not about you, white liberals: Why attacks on radical people of color are so misguided

With anti-racism politics flaring up on the left, too many are making it personal -- when it's really about policy

In her recent post at the Nation, Michelle Goldberg attempts to place the dust-up over #CancelColbert into a broader frame of what she calls “radical anti-liberalism.” She writes:

“One of the most striking characteristics of ‘60s radicalism was its aversion to liberalism,” wrote Alice Echols in Daring to Be Bad, her history of radical feminism. “Radicals’ repudiation of liberalism was not immediate; rather, it developed in response to liberalism’s defaults—specifically, its timidity regarding black civil rights and its escalation of the Vietnam War.” Something similar, albeit on a much smaller scale, happened after Bill Clinton ended welfare as we know it, and it’s happening now, as economic misery persists under Barack Obama. There’s disenchantment not just with electoral politics, but with liberal values as a whole. “White liberal” has, once again, emerged as a favorite left-wing epithet.

She concludes that this most recent rise of anti-liberal sentiment on the left will lead to a situation in which “politics contract.”

I want to respond to Goldberg’s arguments as part of the broader set of debates that have been taking place between Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jonathan Chait in the pages of the Atlantic and New York magazine, respectively. Those debates — while mainly about the role, if any, that black culture plays in explaining widespread and continued poverty within black communities — have as an additional and important thread the role of liberal values in contemporary anti-racism politics on the left.

There are more than a few problems with Goldberg’s analysis, not the least of which is that nothing about her view seems even remotely expansive or visionary enough to halt the contracting or retrenchment of leftist politics. As noted in the excerpt above, Goldberg tellingly reduces legitimate objections to endless war (which we find ourselves in yet again) and to conservative welfare reform like that of the Clinton era, to indictments not of liberalism but rather of white liberals themselves. She makes it personal, when the arguments are clearly about policy.


…But can you do this?


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