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America's Worst Charities

Courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times…


The best laid plans...

There's no escape

My Top Ten New Year's Resolutions For 2014

1. I resolve to treat all complete fucking idiots with more courtesy and respect.

2. I resolve to stop fucking swearing.

3. I resolve to stop procrastinating… Whenever.

4. I resolve to be more open minded about anyone else's opinions, before I summarily dismiss them.

5. I resolve to eat healthier junk food.

6. This Space For Rent.

7. I resolve to stop making pointlessly repetitive lists.

8. I resolve to stop making pointlessly repetitive lists.

9. I resolve to not do any resolutions.

10. Head 'em up, move 'em out, Move 'em on, head 'em out... Rawhide! .

Now that's it's 2014, it's time for me to reveal MY BIGGEST SECRET...

I have to get something done before the end of the year but I forgot what it was

The clock's ticking down to the final moments of 2013.

Well, I guess I'm fucked.

I'll just have to hunker down and deal with the consequences. Hopefully, I can make it all the way through 2014.

Be brave, they say, take it one day at a time. Tomorrow begins the first day of the rest of your life.

Once more into the breech, dear friends. Fill it up and Happy New Year.

I won't be watching them tonight, but it is so fucking ridiculous...

Along with all of the usual suspects of right wing sycophants, faux-redneck duck dupers, as well as an entirely whole host of knuckle-dragging and mind-bogglingly hokey-assed entertainment, the folks at Fox News tonight, on their "All-American New Year's Eve" show, also plans to have England's Sarah Brightman and Scotland's own Susan Boyle as part of their "All-American" line up.

I guess no one will care as long as they're white, right?

I'm afraid that it's time to come to this, I have to say goodbye...

TO 2013!!!!

Bye Bye, Jim Schwartz

You tossed away a perfectly winnable season, now you're gone.

Time to bring in a coach who can put all of that talent to good use.
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