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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 62,927

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It ain't easy being The Joker...

Time to get outta here...

How to tell if the journalist you're watching is doing his/her damned job...

Sign of the times: The Baggers are losing their mojo

Dean Young lost to Bradley Byrne by 5 whole percentage points.

Primarying any more non-bagger GOPers is going to be a risky proposition from now on.

After the last election AND the shut down, people who would never vote for Dems, even if it would stop a rabid weasel from gnawing on their ankles are getting the message.

It's a homecoming of sorts for the Right.

The Teabaggerati are on the way down.

DeBlasio's acceptance speech versus Christie's is like night and day...

After hearing Christie's "Me-me-me" speech, DeBlasio's "We-we-we" speech is like a breath of fresh air.

Don't tell me that there's no diff between Dems and GOPers.

VA GOP Chair cut through all of the crap and tweeted the real truth about The Cooch...

This really chokes me up.

Know your Putins...

I wonder how they could tell….

‘WEEEEE’: Looks Like FoxNews.Com Was Hacked? (UPDATED)

If you visited FoxNews.com in the last hour, you may be concerned about an apparent zombie attack, a maverick sea lions, and the editorial shift in Fox’s news coverage of shooting deaths (apparently considering “WEEEE” to be appropriate commentary).


Which is why those people are assholes...

A Billionaire, a Teabagger, and a Black Single Mother are sitting at a table...

A Billionaire, a Teabagger, and a Black Single Mother are sitting at a table with a dozen cookies. The billionaire takes 11 of them, turns to the teabagger and says, "That lazy welfare queen is trying to take your cookie."

America, everybody!
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