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Member since: 2002
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Modern Kitty Problems...

The Republican Party thinks that America is so great a country...

- That they can afford to create turning our government into some lumbering and complete fucking asshole a made up virtue.

- That we can afford to hand our future over to the meanest, greediest jerks walking on the face of the Earth.

- That they can afford to use gridlock as viable policy in an ever changing world and just let everything here crumble into dust.

- That going backwards should always be preferable than going forward.

Keep this shit up, Republicans, and eventually there won't be an America anymore. We'll just be another failed empire for some future schoolchild to read about in his or her history book.

Every day we get a sign from the GOP that they are certifiable fucking lunatics

The Weeping Boner is going set a sub-committee to investigate Benghazi again... AGAIN?!?




Horseabunga, dude!

Master-shmaster, I'm going for a walk...

Does anyone know if the Senate GOPers cried "Hail Satan!" after they blocked the Min. Wage bill?

The Republicons are serving up some serious evil today.

Can you spare a sellsword?

There are two types of people in this world...

1. Those that may or may not place other people into arbitrarily determined groups…

2. Those people who may or may not belong inside of such groups.
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