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Just thinking: If jobs paid better so that fewer people needed to work more than one job...

Wouldn't that mean that there would be more job openings available and unemployment would drop? Plus if you have more people out there with more disposable income, wouldn't that mean that the economy would pick up all the way around?

And isn't giving fewer and fewer people way more money than they could ever spend, in the name of helping the economy, ultimately a self-defeating exercise... Simply because there's no way that they could spend on goods and services at the same level as everyone else?

Isn't it that plainly obvious what needs to be done?

Hey, I'm no economist, but I'm wondering why I haven't yet heard it framed in that way. Who knows? Maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong. But, is the danger of run away inflation that real a deal to prevent paying working people better wages and benefits, or is it something else that's the problem?

Am I wrong?

They'd be better off if they'd pahk the cah in the gahragh.

Or better yet, pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd.

Modern Schoolhouse Rock


In his rhetorical attempt to Kill Bill, Kenny rhetorically killed himself.

The Bastard.

What if Abe Vigoda's life is actually the meta-physical axis on which the Earth revolves?

The questions about environment change and disaster could be framed as a reflection of Vigoda's own aging status.

Let's suppose that we all continue to exist simply because he continues to exist. What if the entire universe is nothing but a virtual construct, created in Vigoda's mind? Were he to transcend from this plane of existence to the next, where would that leave us?

Do we really want to risk the possibility that we're all subject to his living essence without a plan to compensate for his eventual mortality?

What hangs in the balance?


In a Phillip Seymour Hoffman bio-pic, who do you think should play Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

Seth Rogen

Leonardo Di Caprio

Joaquin Phoenix

Jesse Plemmons

Matt Damon

Gary Oldman

Ewan McGregor

Paul Giamatti

You Hungry?

Almost there...

The Adventures of Miniature Tony Montana...

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