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It takes an exceptional brand of moronic thinking to make a right wing Republican these days...

GOP lawmaker voted against debt deal because he thought it funded Joseph Kony

Spoiler: He was wrong!


Republican Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina voted against the debt deal Wednesday night for a great many reasons, and one of those reasons is that he thought that the bipartisan legislation to reopen the government included funding for the Lord’s Resistance Army, a Ugandan militant group led by exiled war criminal Joseph Kony.

This is not true. But that didn’t stop Mulvaney from including it in his statement denouncing the deal!

“Finally, the ‘deal’ is full of pork,” Mulvaney said. “A dam project in Kentucky got extra money; the state of Colorado got money to help with its flooding; and the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’ received special funds. Those may be worth discussing, but that will never happen now, as they were crammed into this ‘deal’ in order to help it pass. So much for the ‘clean’ bill that my Democrat colleagues said they wanted so badly.”

As noted by the Huffington Post, the money in the deal will actually fund the Pentagon’s efforts to support African forces currently conducting a manhunt for Kony.


I still have a fine vintage bottle of Republican Tears left over from the election. Wanna drink?

Let's Defeat the Teabaggers Today!


Democratic Underground stands behind President Obama in his fight against the Republican Shutdown

We also stand with Democrats in Congress, as they stand with the President.


I would love an endorsement of the President and the Democrats by other DU members.

Show your love!

Hey everybody, let's each dedicate a song to Republicans

Mine: Ego Trippin' Part II

If the Internet suddenly disappeared yesterday...


Go ahead, make me an offer...

Good times and bad times

Wanna hear a joke?

Who's going to miss Walter and Jesse?

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