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Someone's late for an orgy…

I’m a Scholar, Not a Criminal: The Plight of Black Students at USC

May 4, 2013 · by makiah-isms · in Impromptu Postings, LA Living. ·

Instead of studying for the last final of my undergraduate career, I am writing this letter in protest of the University of Southern California’s latest atrocity. Last night, students gathered at a house near campus to celebrate their completion of another rigorous school year. Many attendees were graduating seniors. Almost all attendees were minority students: African-American and Latino.

I did not attend last night’s party, but I could hear the helicopter circling from my dorm room over a mile away. When the Facebook posts and photos started appearing on my news feed around 2:30am, I had flashbacks to an era I wasn’t even alive to suffer through. I was too scared to go outside, legitimately fearing that an officer would see me and arrest me for being Black and inquisitive. I can only imagine how my peers felt when they saw over twenty LAPD patrol cars pull up and release 79 officers to end a peaceful, congratulatory party.

It is inexpressibly disheartening to hear fellow students recount horror stories of police brutality two weeks away from being among the first in my family to graduate from a four-year university. To know that my college degree holds no weight in the face of institutional racism and discrimination is sobering. Since the three most recent shootings, all triggered by non-USC affiliated Black males, that occurred on and around USC, there has been an increased presence of LAPD and other security forces around campus. Amid the tense racial climate that followed, I patiently endured the ignorant comments, racist blog posts and suspicious stares, but the intolerance has reached a new high. Six of my friends spent the night in jail.

To be clear, I do not have a problem with increased protection or security. Who’s to say that a shooting won’t occur at the next student party? It could happen, God forbid, and I understand why USC wants to be prepared. My issue lies within the selective surveillance of minority-hosted parties, as if crimes only happen among high concentrations of melanin. Hundreds of criminal offenses, including sexual harassment, rape and assault happen every Thursday night on Greek Row, a undeniably white establishment. Yet, the culprits of the Department of Public Safety Crime Reports distributed to USC students and faculty, seem to be strictly limited to Black and Latino males (6’2-6’5 in dark hoodies). These reports, together with the newly constructed, other-izing gates around campus, have instilled an unhealthy amount of fear in students, administrators and safety officials. We have been trained to double check for USC logos on the sweatshirts of minority males on and around this campus to make sure that they’re “one of us.” It doesn’t surprise me that LAPD has adopted the same attitude. For them, it has been this way for decades.

http://makiahisms.com/2013/05/04/im-a-scholar-not-a-criminal-the-plight-of-black-students-at-usc/?utm source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=buffer47a36

Celebrating Your Education While Black and Brown - Another thing that America is in dire fear of.

War - Cinco De Mayo

NRA Convention Speaker Rob Pincus Advises Keeping Gun Safes In Kids' Bedrooms For Home Defense

The Huffington Post | By Meredith Bennett-Smith
Posted: 05/04/2013 6:54 pm EDT | Updated: 05/04/2013 8:45 pm EDT

The question of child access to guns made national headlines this week after a five-year-old boy shot and killed his two-year-old sister in Kentucky. Just days later, a home defense seminar at the National Rifle Association's (NRA) Annual Meeting is raising eyebrows because of its suggestion that guns be stored in kids' bedrooms.

Home defense was a focus of this year's NRA members meeting, according to the Houston Chronicle. One of the offerings was a well-attended seminar on "Home Defense Concepts" taught by gun safety advocate and firearms instructor Rob Pincus.

In a video clip of the seminar obtained by ThinkProgress, Pincus asks the members assembled where they thought gun safes should be located, in the interest of home defense.

"How about putting a quick-access safe in your kids’ room?" Pincus asks. "We have an emotional push back to that. Here’s my position on this. If you’re worried that your kid is going to try to break into the safe that is in their bedroom, with a gun in it, you have bigger problems than home defense."

As the group laughs, Pincus explains that in a home invasion situation, it makes sense to have a gun stored in a bedroom you're instinctively moving to defend.


"Let Freedom Ring, Baby!"

Yay, Humans! We're the Best: Earth's carbon dioxide levels to hit 400 ppm

Global carbon dioxide levels will likely reach 400 parts per million within days, scientists report, an ominous milestone that's unprecedented in human history. Earth's atmosphere hasn't contained that much CO2 since the Pliocene Epoch, an ancient era that ended more than 2 million years before the first Homo sapiens appeared.

This forecast is based on data from the Mauna Loa Observatory (MLO) in Hawaii, considered the gold standard in CO2 measurements due to its deep data record and isolation from major pollution sources. Located on a 13,000-foot-tall mountain in the Pacific Ocean, the monitoring station recorded a daily average of 399.5 ppm on April 29, and some hourly readings have already surpassed 400 ppm. CO2 levels fluctuate seasonally during the year, and typically peak at Mauna Loa in mid-May.

Although 400 ppm isn't a so-called "tipping point" for climate change, it is a symbolic threshold that illustrates how dramatically humans have altered the atmosphere in just a few generations. Global CO2 levels had hovered between 170 ppm and 300 ppm for thousands of centuries until the Industrial Revolution, then suddenly began to skyrocket. They had reached 317 ppm by 1958, when climate scientist Charles David Keeling established the MLO, and were up to 360 ppm by the end of the 20th century.

"I wish it weren't true, but it looks like the world is going to blow through the 400-ppm level without losing a beat," says Ralph Keeling, a geochemist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography who has continued the work of his father, the late Charles David Keeling. "At this pace we'll hit 450 ppm within a few decades."

The following two charts demonstrate the speed of this carbon bombardment. The first — a Scripps-produced plot of MLO data dubbed the "Keeling curve" — shows how atmospheric CO2 concentrations have risen by about 25 percent since the late 1950s:


The Importance of Training them EARLY!

Stop the Bullets, Kill the Gun…

Owl misses the winter…

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