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"Likes Metallica."

If raising workers salaries is supposed increase inflation...

Why didn't that happen when we gave the rich more than half the wealth?

When corporations send wages overseas, doesn't that mean that they no longer believe in American Workers?

When are we going to stop rewarding failures of the rich?

When wages are paid to the people who are more likely to spend the money instead of hoard it, won't that improve the economy?

How can paying someone the least amount possible be an incentive to work their way up when you barely ever increase their wages?

Aren't the real "job creators" the people who spend money and circulate the dollar around, instead of the people who are given the wealth and refuse to do anything but hoard it?

Are the real "welfare queens" the corporations that pay their workers so little that they have to supplement their income with public assistance in order to survive?

How long are we going to keep Trickle Down Economics around before everyone admits that it's a failure?

How the hell can any working person justify voting for Republicans when Republicans always work against a working person's best interests?


Ronald Reagan explains Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

Actually, this is satire from a 1987 issue of Mad Magazine.

Christmas Santa Word Search

Killing a Lion is the MOST COWARDLY THING you can do

Secrets of the East Coast...


Congrats to Sparty!

Black Police Officer Claims She Was Falsely Arrested by Two White Officers on Long Island

A black police officer claimed Thursday that she was improperly charged with resisting arrest by two white officers from her own department last week on Long Island.

The 19-year veteran of the Nassau County Police Department said she immediately identified herself as a fellow officer during an initial confrontation Nov. 29 with a uniformed officer while she was off-duty and shopping in West Hempstead. She said she was targeted because she is black.

"I have been wrongfully charged and falsely arrested, requiring me to defend against allegations that are based on prejudice coming from my own police force," Officer Dolores Sharpe said during a press conference at her attorney's Long Island office. She declined to take questions from reporters.

Sharpe's attorney claims the off-duty officer was shopping for weather stripping at a "dollar store" last Friday afternoon when a uniformed officer confronted her in a parking lot. Attorney Fred Brewington said the officer began verbally berating the woman, saying that where she parked had blocked his view of something he was watching for an undisclosed investigation.


When the pitcher threw the ball through to the catcher, I was through with that batter

Feel free to add your own.

A Simple Word Equation...

Nelson Mandela main cause was to end racist Apartheid in South Africa and bring equality to South Africans of color.

Conservatives hate Nelson Mandela for his accomplishments.

THUS: Conservatives are a bunch of racist assholes who hate Mandela for ending Apartheid in South Africa.

Hey… They're admitting as much. When they say that they aren't racist, we pretty much know that that's just nothing but bullshit. If the cause was ending modern day slavery in America, they'd be calling Abolitionists "Terrorists" too.

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