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Don't mind if I do...

Who else here is glad that that MrScorpio guy isn't posting as much as he used to?

Let me tell you, he posted entirely on DU too much. Music videos that no one listened to, too many gifs and pics of cats, plus all of that other silly stuff that no one understands.

What's wrong with that guy? He thinks he's God's gift to the internet, doesn't he? And he's not even as funny as he thinks he is either. Like he's supposed to be some BMOC, connected to everyone on the planet. I think he cheats on that Six Degrees game of his to win, don't you? I hope that I never see another one, I usually trash them whenever they pop up.

Not to mention the fact that if he ever wrote another one of his long, boring essays again it would be much too soon for me. They're always too rude and condescending too and not as clever as he thinks they are either. I've seen better writing from high schoolers.

I hear that he's spending most of his time with his new nazi friends over on the Discussionist. I'm glad that I don't post over there, because I also hear that he's posting entirely too much over there too. He bugs me to no end, you know. If he's as much of a liberal as he says he his, I don't know how he can stand being around all of those horrible trolls.

This place feels a million times better without that guy sticking his snarky nose into everything all of the time.

Got that off my chest. You feel the same way, right?
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