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You have the world, your fur baby only has you...


Ever wonder why the Trivago dude is so scruffy looking and sporting his 3-day old shadow?

But she just wanted to be friendly...

At least the mac and cheese won't be cause for a divorce

Tarantino Tarantinoed...

Running out of time...

Apparently the Air Force has changed a little bit since I retired nine years ago.

Release the video tape!

We Should Start Tipping America's Super-Broke Fast Food Workers

Basically no one is tipping Americaís fast-food workers. But after looking at a new survey of tipping practices by salary information site PayScale, maybe youíll agree we should be.

Of the 51 types of workers surveyed by PayScale, no group received fewer tips per hour than fast-food workers. Thatís both in terms of median hourly tips (40 cents) and the percentage of income that comes from tips (4.8 percent). And if you think non-tip pay compensates for that, youíre wrong. At $8.30 per hour, fast-food workers also lay claim to the lowest typical total income -- thatís the combined total of tips and base pay -- of any group surveyed.

That means fast-food workers earn less per hour than a wide-ranging group of tipped workers, including strippers, waiters, bartenders, pizza-delivery drivers, restaurants hosts, baristas, tour guides, movers, housekeepers and even dog groomers. (For the full list of jobs surveyed by PayScale, you can click over to the report.)

Unlike some of those professions, fast food typically pays a minimum wage, which theoretically should make up for the tips workers don't receive. But the minimum wage has not been raised in four years and arguably should be three times more than the current national minimum of $7.25.

More and more, these fast-food workers arenít simply teenagers looking to make a couple of bucks on the side, either. These people need the money. More than half of all fast-food workers are full-fledged adults, aged 21 or older, and more than a quarter are parents, according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Yet the typical fast-food worker made only $18,130 in 2010, according to Labor Department data.


Tipping fast food workers sounds like a great way put one's money where one's mouth is. At sit down places, I routinely tip 20% because it's easier for me to figure out that way. I think that fast food workers deserve some consideration too.

Dedicated to DUer pbmus

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