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Some tattoo work that will blow your mind


I know, I know

"It matters not whether the city’s decision was correct so long as it was rational.”

US Court Says it’s Okay for Police Departments to Refuse to Hire Someone who is Too Smart

Ever wonder why cops yell “quit resisting” as they beat a person who’s not resisting? Or why they shoot people who pose no threat? Maybe the answer is right in front of us.

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is a popular group intelligence test used to assess the aptitude of prospective employees for learning and problem-solving in a range of occupations. Throughout both the U.S. and Canada, many police forces require candidates to take this test as one of the qualifications prior to being hired.

The standard range of scores applied for police officers is a score between 20 and 27. According to ABC News, The average score nationally for police officers is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ of 104, or just a little above average. A perfect score on the Wonderlic is a 50.

On March 16, 1996 Robert Jordan from Connecticut, and 500 others underwent a written screening process which included the Wonderlic Test, conducted by the Law Enforcement Council of Southeastern Connecticut, Inc. (“LEC”), a coalition of fourteen cities and towns, in order to apply for a position as a police officer.

Several months later Jordan learned that the city of New London started interviewing candidates. After not hearing from them, Jordan inquired as to why he was passed over.

Jordan eventually learned from assistant city manager Keith Harrigan that he would not be interviewed because he “didn’t fit the profile.”

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/court-police-departments-refuse-hire-smart/#4oo6Lw3qr2fz03tp.99

"She told him that she loved him."

Adding the word "only" in various parts of the sentence changes it significantly:

Only, she told him that she loved him. (Get your story straight)

She only told him that she loved him. (If someone says otherwise, they're lying)

She told only him that she loved him. (Ditto)

She told him only that she loved him. (A woman of few words)

She told him that only she loved him. (We have the winner for most passive-aggressive sentence right here)

She told him that she only loved him. (She just doesn't like him very much)

She told him that she loved only him. (She doth protest too much)

She told him that she loved him only. (Ditto, with a side of passive-aggression)

Halloween is coming: How To...

Halloween is coming: I'll take mine with some fava beans on the side and a nice chianti

Halloween is coming: It's coming for YOU!

No one can say that N.Z. cops don't have a sense of humour

Halloween is coming: Things are never what they seem..

Halloween is coming: Be scared, be very scared...

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