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The people done spoked! Guardians of the Galaxy it is!


Going to the 4:20 matinee!

Will give you guys a review when I get back!

You know that I hate it when you talk shit like that!

No fucking way!

Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope!

I went to a concert last night and had a great time

Afterwards, I stopped by the Big Boy to recover, by taking advantage of the all-you-can-eat soup and salad bar.

At the table next to me were a couple of women having a conversation. Now, for the most part, I wasn't even paying attention to them. But before I was about to get up and pay my bill, I overheard one of them decribe their understanding of the "American Dream."

She then proceeded to describe the so-called American Dream as so much bullshit. The fact that people pursue it by seeking possessions, up to the point where they're owned by those possessions, and that it is a huge lie. She talked about her husband, who felt that he had to go away and earn enough money to buy the things that typified the American Dream, that he actually had to tell her that he couldn't spend any time at home with his family.

All for what, she said, for some overpriced house full of things and maybe even a week's vacation once a year, if they're lucky? Instead, she feels trapped by her own possessions.

I sat there before leaving and smiled to just myself. Knowing that, even some of the people who play this game actually know how rigged it is. They can even admit it to themselves.

Unfortunately, we're talking about Americans. We have this really bad habit of keeping our own bullshit from allowing us to act against it.

I hope that that lady and her husband figures out a way to achieve a true American Dream, instead of this maze of lies on which they were first sold.

At least she took the first step by admitting she had a problem. It's a big first step, indeed.

Edited to add the pics from my crappy-assed, now deceased Vivitar camera:

Schoolboy Q


It's August 2, 2014 - Time for the Annual Outrage Census/Fill out the following form:

User Name:_________________

Number of outraged persons in your household:_____

The three most outrageous things for you in the past year:




Name three people who have made your outraged more frequently than anyone else over the past year:




Your three favorite methods for relieving yourself of outrage:





Git in mah bellay!

I'm gonna see a movie on Sunday, choose one.

Lucy or Guardians Of The Galaxy

That's it.

The World's MOST pressing issue: Solved!

If there's one thing that really bothers me about the American voter...

That, nine times out of ten, whenever the voters unseats a competent and compassionate Democratic leader with some Republican, they have this tendency of choosing some incompetent, mean-spirited asshole to take the seat.

I could live to be 100 and never understand why people shoot themselves in the feet like that.

Did you know that the German word for "head" is "kopf?"

Well, after living in Germany myself for four whole years, it's not the kind of thing that's easily forgotten. It just so happens that remembering something like that can come in handy, like when you're reading this following slightly dated article:

Federal Judge to Women Lawyers: Don’t Dress Like ‘An Ignorant Slut’

By Igor Derysh on March 28, 2014

"My friends call me 'Dick.'"

Federal Judge Richard Kopf, not surprisingly a George H.W. Bush appointee from Nebraska, wrote a blog post offering what he thought was valuable advice to female lawyers: “don’t dress like a slut.”

In his post, titled “On being a dirty old man and how young women lawyers dress” on his blog “Hercules and the Umpire: The Role of the Federal Trial Judge,” Kopf suggests women don’t wear clothes that would cause “the female law clerks to call you an ignorant slut behind your back.”

He says he has been “been a dirty old man ever since I was a very young man. Except, that is, when it comes to my daughters (and other young women that I care deeply about).” He cites a “very pretty female lawyer that sometimes practices in his courtroom. “She is brilliant, she writes well, she speaks eloquently, she is zealous but not overly so, she is always prepared, she treats others, including her opponents, with civility and respect, she wears very short skirts and shows lots of her ample chest. I especially appreciate the last two attributes.”

He notes a recent incident, writing “In a recent case involving this fine young lawyer every female law clerk in the building slipped in and out of the courtroom to observe her. I am not exaggerating. I later learned that word had gotten around about this lawyer’s dress. Acknowledging that the lawyer was really good, the consensus of the sisterhood was uniformly critical. “Unprofessional” was the word used most often. To a woman, the law clerks seethed and sneered. They were truly upset.”


Looking at him, I can positively say that his own name perfectly fits his ow "dirty old man" ass extremely well.
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