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Halloween is HERE! Boo!

Always presume that the police will brutalize suspects, if they can get away with it...

Yes, I know that the scumbag they kicked in the head 12 times was a scumbag. But I figure that since they didn't shoot him 12 times instead, they probably thought that the punching him in the kidneys and the kicking him in the head was merely going easy on him.

Halloween is HERE! Doggie Dress up

So what kind of goodies are under YOUR Halloween Tree?

Halloween is HERE! Science!


Halloween is HERE! Yay, cops.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is HERE... Man!

Halloween is HERE!

Time to announce the winner of the 8th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Arisen from his grave in South Cakalaka, we now present the Late H. Lee Atwater…

"For an unprecedented third year in a row, this year's Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil goes to …"

"The "Two-headed beast known as the" Koch Brothers."

"Also I'd like to take this time to award the very first Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney Lifetime Achievement Award for Right Wing Evil to Bruce "Dick" Cheney himself, in whose name this award is titled."


Happy Halloween!

See you all next year!

Welcome to the 8th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil Final Round

Out of twenty, two shall enter and one shall leave. Here are your two choices from the prelim round.

The "Two-headed beast known as the" Koch Brothers


Antonin "Fat Tony" Scalia

Voting ends at Midnight, when the rotting and desiccated corpse of the Late H. Lee Atwater rises from his grave to kick off Halloween in fine fashion.

Happy Devil's Night, y'all!
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