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Halloween is coming #7

VP candidates have been traditionally the attack dogs...

Biting opponents where it hurts. It's not their job to be nice guys, it's their job to be tireless advocates for the person at the top of the ticket. When you're on the attack, the entire point is to take your opponent out of his or her comfort zone. Last night, Tim Kaine conducted a master class of this debate technique.

Tim Kaine repeatedly cornered Pence into a position of having to defend Trump's statements. Pence, on the other hand, either distanced himself from his running mate or half-heartened stood with him and Kaine summed up his performance as lacking. This was obviously planned and it worked to a T.

Those who compared Kaine's constant interruptions of Pence to Trump's interruptions of Hillary Clinton fail, if they leave out the goal of each in the two debates. Trump had no plan, no objective to point out and no other reason to interrupt than to draw attention to himself. Kaine's technique was organized and purposefully divided the Trump/Pence ticket.

Unlike Kaine and Clinton, which both speak with one voice on policy, their opponents could not have gone farther apart from each other by last night. Seeing this, the only result is another win for the Clinton/Kaine ticket. Because, after watching last night's debate, the only honest question to ask is, "What does Trump and Pence stand for?" And with a month to go before election day, that's the worst place that the Trump/Pence ticket should be in.

That whole "paid leave" bennie is something, ain't it?

He obviously lives on a different planet, apart from the rest of us mere mortals...


Pence had smirking down to a science, didn't he?

What else would one expect from such a sanctimonious asshole?

True Fact...

Halloween is coming #6

The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park

Donald Byrd - (Fallin' Like) Dominoes (1975)

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