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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 66,577

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I haven't seen anything out of Trump that would make him remotely trustworthy

Duplicitous and mendacious are words that were made to describe him.

Deal with him at your peril.


The Greatest GIF Ever...

Really, what crawled up David Frum's ass and died?

He's really intent on rewriting history this morning.

I can just imagine in four years, when he's busy happy talking Trump's single term fiasco.


Fresh for 2017...

Putting on the pressure

Today's rules...

Repeal and Destroy...

I want to become Geology...

The Donald Trump Mysteries


I can't blame Cheetolini Pussygrabber for being a kinky motherfucker

Especially whenever he has the consent of his partners. I really can't judge, despite how entertaining it is. But we can mock him over it, simply because he's going to be so thin skinned over it.

It's having some harmless fun at his expense.

But, in all seriousness, he has stated that he has engaged in sexual assaults of women and now, when he's about to enter the Oval Office, he's going to do so as someone who's a willing stooge of a foreign power or someone who has been compromised by a foreign power, by way of blackmailing him over his kinks.

He's pretty much the worst person ever to become a president.

The two most disturbing and disgusting moments of that travesty of a press conference entailed his efforts to intimidate the press and his blatant attempt to cover up his conflicts of interest. I'm not even going to cover the number of lies he told, that's apparent. If Congress had any backbone, he's an impeachment waiting to happen.

Trump clearly represents an existential threat to the republic. We have to spend every waking day resisting him.


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