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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 60,315

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How to use your white privilege

Anyone notice any dress shoe wearing USPS employees walking around Hong Kong lately?

Glenn Beck said that if the Nazis could read emails and phone records, all the Jews would disappear


Glenn Beck, everybody... One of the greatest minds of the 12th Century.

I'm still wondering how a man that stupid can still retain enough functioning neurons to even operate his basic autonomic nervous system.

He bred, right? Someone check his progeny to see if they're missing a chromosome or two.

Yep, they were a little too big to jump up on Stannis' shoulders...

Best Buddies...

Fight Club is on AMC right now...

What a waste.

IFC would have been a better commercial TV choice.

I should have joined the USA Drinking Team

The $62.49 Cup of Coffee

Jackrabbit Kerouac

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