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The next couple of years are going to suck...

There's no way to get around it. So, we need to learn to embrace the suck, as it were. There's a difference between NOTING all of the reprehensible shit that Republican Congresscritters will be up to while they're busy trying to start unnecessary wars, destroying the environment, enriching the already rich at the expense of everyone else, attempting to murder people by proxy by repealing the ACA, saying crazy shit and doing everything that they can to destroy a very popular President… AND completely losing our shit about it.

But it just doesn't matter.

What matters is coming together and organizing and working very hard to pick up all of the pieces of what they are sure to break during their time at the reins. Frankly, I'm not in the mood to listen to bitching and moaning because President Obama hasn't yet started to wear tie-dye suits and hugging every tree he comes across. We lefties just LOVE to bitch about the people we put in to public office who hold the label of "Democratic," but that shit can get real tedious real quick.

We're in full suck mode right now and Debbie Downering ain't helping.

We've got less that two years to get our shit together for the big stage… No matter WHO gets to carry our water in November 2016, we stand a much better chance if we all put away our differences and stand together as one party.

Let's leave the back-biting and bitching and moaning to the wingers, shall we? I don't know about you, but I'm going to be all about drinking their tears, as we KEEP the White House and take back Congress in a full court sweep in 2016.

Until then, we should learn our lessons, take our lumps, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again.

How many of you miserable so-and-sos are with me? I leave you with the word of that great motivational speaker, Bill Murray to give you all a moment of inspiration.


There are many bunnies in the world, but this bunny is all mine...

Too Fabulous...

It's all a matter of priorities...

Anyone else here fucked by Home Depot?

That's what I get for home improvement. Out of my debit card until they send me a new one.

The Purpose of Black Conservatives...

First and foremost, the purpose of black conservatives is not to be eventually elected as some far-right wing versions of the President of the United States.

It's never going to happen. Ben Carson has all of a snow cone's chance in the blast furnace of ever occupying the oval office. His well established delusional thinking is just par for the course, as he's entertaining running as a Republican presidential candidate.

Even no less than Chris Wallace on Fox News has told him that to his disbelieving face: http://www.politicususa.com/2014/09/28/fox-news-host-tells-tea-party-darling-ben-carson-president.html

No rational person is worried that Carson's going to find his way to into White House as the Tea Baggers' answer to Barack Obama. If anything, were he to actually run, his campaign would provide loads of entertaining vignettes,as he circles the drain, taking the hopes of all other Black right wing presidential candidates with him.

Frankly, I hope that he runs… The failure that he'd inflict on the Republican Party would be epic.


Now with that out of the way, I think that I should take a little time to explain why and how black conservatives operate in the current iteration of far right Republican politics. First off, there used to be a time when blacks actually had a role as smart, progressive voices in Republican politics. From the very beginning of the GOP, black voices were important and respected elements, from Reconstruction to the Eisenhower era, blacks were there. Only in a supporting role, of course, but they were far from the pandering clowns in black face that we see today.

Sadly, those rational black voices no longer have a place in the Republican Party. This, of course, is due to the overall radicalization of all Republicans. It's just that, due to racial and social politics, no black Republican can be seen being less than full-blown wacked-out city, lest they be rejected and banished from their current positions as visible tokens.


If I wanted to derail some black conservative's standing in the Republican Party, I would insist that they describe how they're coping with the visible racist attitudes of fellow white Republicans. Black conservatives will avoid answering those questions about white Republican racism at all costs. Because were they to give an honest and non-delusional candid answer, even if they'd say that they're working to eliminate right wing white Republican racism they'll be toast in a heart-beat.

It will never be the proper role of black conservatives to solve the problem of white conservative racism. It's a very taboo subject. Here's one such case when a black Republican staffer DARED to address the issue of white privilege within the ranks of the GOP, while fervently defending their white candidate boss. She was CANNED: http://newsone.com/3041527/black-gop-staffer-fired-after-complaining-about-white-privilege-on-facebook/

Black Republicans can never discuss white GOPer racism if their want to keep their jobs. That privilege is only for whites, usually talking about it in a hypocritical way, without a trace of irony, I might add.


The first rule of Black Conservative's Panderer's Club is that they can never talk about Black Conservative's Panderer's Club, the second rule of Black Conservative's Panderer's Club is… Well, you know the routine.

Black Conservative's Panderer's Club has a very exclusive membership, which serves to cater to a particular clientele. Basically, all black conservatives are card carrying members of Black Conservative's Panderer's Club. Club members perform two specific roles: They tell white conservatives EXACTLY what they want to hear and they serve as black faces and black voices to blurt out the most reprehensible and stereotypical rhetoric about other black people.

It's never the role of Black Conservative's Panderer's Club to actually convince black people why they should be black conservatives. They already know that most black people think that black conservatives are the worst scum imaginable. That's no secret. Black Conservative's Panderer's Club's proper audience is racist white Republicans, to whom they parrot the same reprehensible bullshit said by racist whites in nothing more than the right wing echo chamber.

White conservatives detest and fear black people. Black Conservative's Panderer's Club justifies that hatred and fear in black face and in black voices and nothing more.


Consider this:

There's an understanding, that to succeed as a Black person in this country, you need to be twice as good in order to even be considered half as good. That's in anything, on the playing field and even in the board room. A Black man has to go all out to strive to be the best, or else he won't get any respect on his own merits at all.
That's just how the game is played.

But what happens when you're a Black Conservative, trying to make it in the lilly white world of the Republican party? Well, if you're Allen West, Ken Blackwell, Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, Larry Elder, Ben Carson, Ward Connerly, Star Parker, or another damned fool, you either become the biggest sell-out to the worst of Republican ideology, freaking insane, or both.

And there's no one crazier than a Black Conservative, my friends. No... One. It's so easy to understand why. They have to convince all those crazy as bat guano White conservatives that he or she is legit in their crazy as bat guano world. That's their audience, not the Black community. Black people are embarrassed by these crazy fools. They show up at the family turn-up function or whatever and make complete asses of themselves while everyone else is trying to have a good time.

But you know what I found out what's funny? Turns out that the problem of untreated mental illness affects roughly 5% of the Black community. But it just so happens that it's pretty much the same percentage of Black folks who call themselves "conservative." I'm very much convinced that this is not a co-inky-dink.

It's pretty obvious that Ben Carson is not playing with a full deck. Yes, I know of his distinguished career as a neurosurgeon. As a matter of fact, he actually a native Detroiter. There's a magnet school named after him on Mack Avenue in the city, just around the corner from the prestigious Detroit Medical Center complex. But since he's laid his cards on the table of the craziest right wing conservatives imaginable, he has to chuck all of his common sense of to the window if he wants any respect from those crazy assholes.

So keep that in mind when you hear him speak, he has to play by a different set of rules from any other white Republican.

The funny thing is that, due to his previous career, I can insult the hell out of his craziness by referring to him as a "brain surgeon." I can dismissively call him that, and there's nothing any of his supporters can say to refute it… Simply because that rocket scientist IS was actually a brain surgeon.


It's imperative for any self-respecting black conservative to not be self-respecting at all. Black conservatism is NOT some independent from of black empowerment. It's not that way for obvious reasons that are too numerous to mention.

Just like all other minority conservatives, their in it for the money and they're willing to debase themselves in anyway possible to whore themselves out to racist white Republicans.

Never make the mistake of thinking that they're nice people. They're the furthest thing from it and are never to be trusted for anything. No one trusts them, not even the very people that they're working for. It really is a miserable, hate-filled life to be a black conservative, and they start with the face in the mirror.


At the most rudimentary level, black conservatives serve as functionaries of overall white supremacy and as validation of white privilege. They're apart from black liberals, who are strong opponents of white supremacy and white privilege. Even as opposite to the ranks of black liberals, the role of the black conservative is to justify the social subordination all people of color. We all can have this discussion on our side, argue it, debate it and, in the end, we're all part of one huge liberal tent, airing out our grievances.

That can never happen on the over side. It's much in the same way the conservative women serve to justify the social subordination of all women. It's the role of serving as unequal partners in a system of privilege.

The last thing that anyone should worry about is people of color taking over the Republican Party. Newcomers like Tim Scott and Mia Love are not in any danger of ever inhabiting the Oval Office, no matter what the GOPers are saying. The only reason why they're allowed to be promoted within the ranks of the party is because they've demonstrated sufficient subservience to tenets of white privilege and supremacy in the GOP. They're window dressing.

I'm sure that they're going to avoid the black independent press AT ALL COSTS. Can you imagine if they're actually expected to candidly answer the question about how they're coping with white racist motherfuckers? They're more scared of the question that they are of Ebola.

Someone should trap them in a confined space and pop camera in their faces when they least expect it… It'll be a bloodbath for their careers even if they'd make the mistake of admitting that white racism in the Republican party even exists.

The Economy Of Dealing With Wingers...

When you have an electorate that's lost its respect for the role of civics in its society

Has contempt for the proper application of government, actively detaches itself from the responsibility of voting and even avoids informed decision making, then you get the sort of clowns that are elected as Tea Party Republicans these days.

The dependence on conspiratorial thinking, the selfishness, inability to understand context and just plain mean-spiritness as a guiding principle, well… They won't elect stable, thoughtful, intelligent and responsible legislators that way. Never mind picking Democrat politicians over Republicans, they can't even pick SANE Republican politicians over the insane and moronic ones.

It doesn't matter if every conspiracy that they have about President Obama has never come to pass. It doesn't matter if every aspect that they think of his personality and policies has no basis in reality. It doesn't even matter if they seem utterly allergic to rational thought. None of it matters… Because they'll just imagine that their worst fears are about to happen, or they already have and they'll only see what they want to see.

The Republicans could take control of government and then proceed to run it into the ground… Again. They won't ever hold the GOP responsible for their malfeasance, corruption and incompetence. The Democrats will come back again to save the day, but they will never give us credit, because we want to save everyone, including everyone that they want to exclude; minorities, women, the poor, immigrants, what have you.

They're all about the politics of division, even as if creates more harm than good.

I'm sick of them, I really am.

"Come in, Mr. Bond…"

In America, we call this "Justice."

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