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If Michelle Obama was giving an impassioned speech in support of GLBT rights

And this speech was interrupted by Occupy or people who wanted to close Gitmo and a likewise exchange happened between that protestor and the first lady, what's the likelihood that sides would be taken based on whomever supports whatever cause rather than versus those who have disdain for loudmouthed hecklers of the Obamas in general?

Will one heckler for one left wing cause be classified as more worthy than another heckler for another left wing cause, or are all of these people equally tedious?

With all of this attention seeking rude behavior happening, who will take a principled stand against that alone, versus supporting any particular heckler of the Obamas based on how that heckler is aligned with their own personal concerns?

Yeah, I wonder.

The point that one should consider is that these hecklers usually demand some kind of instantaneous and somewhat unilateral resolution of their concerns, ostensibly to
the exclusion of whatever else is going on.

If every heckler is a welcome voice, each of them bringing worthy interruptions about their valid concerns, however off-topic at the time and however loudly and rudely stated, of any of this...What's the most important thing?

My, my... What's a President to do? Reserve added time for the heckler's diatribe? Or perhaps appoint a special presidential advisor for off-topic heckling resolution.

Oh course, that sounds fucking ridiculous.

Ones answers to these questions should be quite instructive, especially if those answers are solely based on ones own particular arena of concern.

Whadaya say?

Let's say that I want to cut out wheat bread and whole wheat flour

But I still want to make my sandwiches and eat the homemade pastries that my wife likes to make for me.

What's the solution here and preferably not one that's going to cost me a lot of grocery money?

Time to mount a rescue mission…

Today's Edition of "LOST IN TRANSLATION" - The Party Pooper Affair

Yay, NYPD. They're the best!

This past Memorial Day weekend, while walking home from work, twin brothers Aaron and Kristin were brutally attacked around 3 am Sunday in the LES by approximately 10-12 men. Despite eyewitnesses and surveillance video of the attack, the NYPD were quick to label the attack “gang related” and close the case without any investigation. When Aaron’s girlfriend, Cipriana followed up with police a day after the attack she was told that the twins said they did not want an investigation and would “handle it themselves”. Knowing this was untrue, Cipriana encouraged Aaron to contact the police and ask them to pursue the investigation.

When Aaron spoke with police and explained that they did in fact want an investigation he was told he could “face jail time for lying”. It wasn’t until Cipriana took to her blog, urbanbushbabes.com to write about the attack and the lack of police investigation that the press took note (NY Post & Fox 5) and the police suddenly changed their tune. Now the NYPD claims the case was never closed and has labeled it a hate crime.


We really need your help to get this story out and to get justice for the twins. Here’s how you can help:

• Sign the change.org petition to hold the NYPD & Internal Affairs Bureau Liable for their misconduct in the handling of Aaron and Kristin’s case


• Click here to tweet about the petition using the #justice4twins hashtag

• Reblog and share this post

• Tweet this story to media influencers like @MHarrisPerry @TheRevAl @ClutchMagazine @blackvoices and @thinkprogress

• read and share the full story and video from Cipriana’s blog


For your amusement, Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you The World's Greatest Carwreck

Yearbookin' It…

Check Your Lighting…

Life Ain't Fair…

The Game Of Thrones Drinking Game…

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