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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 65,741

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You could be wealthy and never want for material things...

You could be smart and witty and know more than most.

You could be supremely talented, with a myriad of skills and accomplishments that few of us will ever have.

You could be loved and cherished and admired by millions.

You could mean the entire world to your friends and family.

You could be someone who seems that the world could not do without.

You could be all of these things and many, many more...

But you could also be depressed and know that you're a worthless thing that doesn't even deserve to exist.

And that's the worst of all, because those of us who are left behind will never understand.

Goodnight, Robin.

May you rest in both peace and power in the next world, that you could not find in this one.

Time to clean your screen

Don't have an aquarium? No problem, here you go!

Gee, what does this do?

Darth Vader is Coming to America

Trust me, you're much better off eating a real mango instead.

Vacuum packed…

As I was saying...

"All?" Well… Maybe not all except that one guy standing who's next to you... He's all three.

Once they start developing opposable thumbs, we're all fucked...

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