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Obama nominates Diane Humetewa, Hopi, as a federal judge

President Barack Obama has nominated Diane Humetewa, a member of the Hopi Tribe, to serve as a federal judge in Arizona.
If confirmed by the Senate, Humetewa would be the first Native American woman in the federal judiciary She was the first Native woman to serve as U.S. Attorney.


I guess that that it's just another one of their ways to say, "Fuck You, America."


Movie Spoilers ONLY...

Don't post the name of the movie, just its spoiler

Norman was impersonating his dead mother.

I've got a new House Fire Show starting at 1PM ET today

Tune in! http://invader.fm/

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For the last time, what's your answer?

Don't bother begging for the question, you know the answer already.

Sewing Machine Diagram...

Stop The Madness...

Not tasty enough...

Now... Some random moments of kindness:


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