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The Orangutan and the Hound



You need this video in your life.

One Horrible Rich Person...

Snyder Killed Some Trees; Park Ranger's Career Goes Down in Flames


Dan Snyder couldn’t see the Potomac River from his mansion, so the Washington NFL team’s owner exploited his government connections to do something about it.

Snyder, who’s pegged in Deadspin as a “horrible rich person” cut down 140 trees behind his Maryland estate – even though the trees were on national park property – and wrecked a park ranger’s career in the process.

Deadspin reports that in June of 2004, P. Daniel Smith, National Parks special assistant, and his National Park Service colleagues, which included the C&O Canal’s new interim superintendent, Kevin Brandt, met with Snyder and his attorney at his mansion to work out a deal to remove the trees.

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Smith was a special assistant to Fran Mainella, who, in 2001, President Bush tapped to run the NPS. Smith and his colleagues agreed to grant Snyder a special use permit to clear 200 feet of trees on the slope behind his house, on the condition that he replace them with 600 native saplings, according to the Washington Monthly, the magazine that reported the full story. Also reported was the fact that no one had sought the proper permits or commissioned an environmental assessment, and they ignored a recommendation from the park’s horticulture specialist that cutting the trees would have adverse affects on the ecosystem.

Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/01/07/snyder-killed-some-trees-wrecked-park-rangers-career-152992

I Haz Mail...

On The Money...

Know Your Potheads...

Unless sex and/or drugs are involved Republican politicians rarely admit blame for their scandals

And then barely at that.

Christie is upholding that fine tradition.

Mannequin Must Think He’s Some Pretty Hot Shit

Mannequin Must Think He’s Some Pretty Hot Shit
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