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Went to the local Blockbuster today

Nine days left open.

Picked up some really great DVDs for cheap:

The Watchmen
Angela (A Luc Besson flick, I got five others)
The Fountain
A Scanner Darkly
There Will Be Blood
And Killing Them Softly

So when I have no cable (Or if it's more boring than usual), I've got some great time wasters

Did you know?

'After All the People We Killed, We Felt Dizzy'

By Bethany Horne

As two military-style helicopters touch down in a remote village in the jungles of Ecuador, masked men with guns hop out and scurry into a one-room schoolhouse. Inside they capture their target: a 6-year-old girl who doesn't speak their language and can't even guess why they are kidnapping her. They carry the terrified child, Conta, into the belly of one of the helicopters and it quickly rises up and away. Inside a thing she has only ever known as a screaming demon that roars across the sky, she is flown to a nearby city. There, she is taken by these armed strangers to a hospital that is a teeming petri dish of germs for which she has no immunity, since she has never been in a city before.

This is the second time in seven months this girl, who grew up in a tribe without access to metal tools, has been violently wrenched from her daily life and thrust into a new and terrifying world.

Conta is part of a small and little-known tribe called the Taromenane. Along with her little sister Daboka, Conta is one of two known survivors of a family group of uncontacted indigenous people - tribes who do not trade or communicate with any outsiders and violently reject all attempts by outsiders to do so with them - that lived in the Yasuni jungle in Ecuador. Experts think there are fewer than 200 uncontacted people living in the Yasuni, but very little is known about their location or their customs.


CNN has definitely caught a bad case of Fauxitis

Bad geography is sure fire symptom of the disease

Does anyone know what this is?

I've seen them around but I have no idea what they are

Post ONLY Spoilers!

I liked American Hustle

That's my kind of movie


America's Worst Charities

Courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times…


The best laid plans...

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