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Is Megyn Kelly a white supremacist?

I know that this question is almost rhetorical in its essence, but in spite of this, I haven't yet seen anyone attach that particular label on her in light of her insistence that both Jesus Christ and Santa Claus were white men. Troubling enough that she made a point of calling a Palestinian Jew Laborer, "white", someone, based on his heritage, occupation and geographical origin should have resembled a person more like Yasser Arafat than Jeffrey Hunter, but she made a point of declaring a completely made up person like Santa Claus a definitive caucasian.

This woman is (supposed to be) an adult. Surely she KNOWS that Santa Claus doesn't really exist. So why did she make of a point of insisting to any viewers of her program that were children that both Jesus and Santa were white? (Children? What child would watch her program?)

And there in lies the clue to her adherence to White supremacy, that's it important for her to emphasize the inherent whiteness of her own imagination. She wasn't making a statement of irrefutable fact, she was clearly expressing her own cultural mindset. A mindset hinged upon belief systems that prop up particular cultural icons with a White image.

Now, if you were go elsewhere in this world, particularly to any number of culturally homogenous societies that subscribe to either the Jesus and/or Santa Claus iconography, you'll find either one particular depiction of these figures, or another, or perhaps both, in that the figures are either representative of that particular culture, or are representative of a figure of the culture that imposed those images through a process of colonial inculturation.

Basically, Jesus and Santa could be Asian, African, Latino or anything else other than White. It's pretty much a toss up wherever you go. However, it's all too necessary in Megyn Kelly's mind, that for a culture composed of many other cultures, nationalities of origin and racial configurations that these wholly amorphously pliable figures be white.

Now of course, white supremacy is quite rampant throughout Fox News. That's a well established FACT. However, it was quite plain to see that Megyn Kelly's statement was essentially a visceral reaction against a perceived attack on her own white supremacy. In spite of the fact that she was talking about mythical figures, she was insistent that her own belief system remain bolstered by impressionable children, whose main duty would be to carry on that adherence to white supremacist principles. It's not just good enough that she believed in the intrinsic whiteness of Jesus and Santa, but as belief systems are always wont, there must be other believers as well, otherwise the value of those beliefs stand to be diminished through any absences of subscription.

God help this woman and her fear of a non-white planet… I wonder what she'd do if she ever realizes that most of the world is anything BUT white.

So there's my argument, what do you think?

Someone in Georgia and someone in California are happy tonight...

Or are in store for a special brand of hell…

Well, it's not me.

How many reasons do you have to be admitted to an insane asylum?

More than three and you should report directly to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum"


Fuck You, Snow!

You know, sometimes, I really hate Hollywood...

They had a chance to portray a classic Japanese legend, The 47 Ronin and really do right by it… Instead, they turned it into a flashily depicted standard Hollywood blockbuster that has very little to do with the original story.


I remember the warnings that were voiced when it was announced that Keanu Reeves was picked to star in this movie.

Those warnings were understatements, it seems…

This flick is atrocious.

I'm about to go to the store and get a Mega Millions ticket

Want one too?

If so, you better give me some cash before I go…

I'm almost out the door.

On Further Review, pass is complete...


Cameras on Cops...

Police Harassment In Louisiana May Be Increasing The Number Of People Dying From AIDS


According to a new report from Human Rights Watch (HRW), aggressive police harassment in New Orleans is directly undermining the city’s efforts to prevent and treat HIV infections. Despite the fact that Louisiana has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the nation — in fact, the number of people dying from AIDS in the state is more than double the national average — the report claims that it “has chosen punishment over public health” for the marginalized communities at risk for infection, such as sex workers and drug users.

Specifically, law enforcement officials are cracking down on prostitution in a way that HRW believes is actually encouraging the spread of HIV. New Orleans is so intent on identifying potential sex workers that it allows cops to prosecute “loitering for prostitution,” an incredibly vague statute that results in arbitrarily targeting people in public. Officers randomly stop people who they deem suspicious and search them for evidence of prostitution — and, if they find condoms, that can be enough for an arrest.

That’s created a culture where some New Orleans residents are risking HIV transmission rather than risking getting caught with condoms. “Sex workers, transgender women and others at high risk of HIV infection told us that they were afraid to carry condoms and that they sometimes had to engage in sex without protection out of fear of police harassment,” the report notes.

New Orleans isn’t the only place where this is happening. It’s not uncommon for law enforcement officials to use condoms as evidence of prostitution. Studies have documented the harmful effects of this approach in New York City, where police tend to confiscate condoms from LGBT

 and lower-income 
 Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC also all have high rates of HIV infection among sex workers who say they’re afraid to carry condoms.


Baby Blue...

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