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The last couple days, I've been spending some time in the Discisnst....

In a thread about black conservatives.

Of course, the wingers there just LOVE black conservatives to pieces, even though they have no idea what the purpose of black conservatism is all about. Sure, slap a black face on white conservatism and everything is all hunky-dory, right?

Now, we all know that your garden variety wing nut is a bona-fied rocket scientist. After all, they have raised stupidity to a fine art, to go along with their love of all things racist, sexist and obtuse.

So, these last couple of days, I've been pissing them off by pointing out that black conservatives are:

- Self-serving

- Untrustworthy

- Completely servile to white conservative ideology

- Unapologetically pandering to white cons

- Opportunistic

- Not fully accepted by the black community at large

- Primarily at home with white con audiences

- Disproportionally mentally unhinged

- Liars

- Exist to excuse white supremacy and endorse white privilege and conservative bigotry

Now, of course, we all know that denial of white supremacy and white privilege isn't exclusively a conservative phenomena. Far from it. These are problems that affect everyone, regardless of their political preferences. And we all know why this is the case, especially on our side of the spectrum, where the idea of inherent race privilege is a natural anathema… We see liberals who mistakenly personalize white privilege, as if highlighting the problem is tantamount to blaming them for it.

Which is completely wrong. That guilt is misplaced, of course, yet these folks feel it anyway. What they've failed to realize is the fact that white privilege is something that whites in this country earn by benefit of being born as white people and nothing more. No white person in this country has to do anything beyond being born white to have white privilege. Of course, to some fair minded white liberals, this is a completely outrageous idea.

White privilege is not some personal failing, they are not being judged as individuals for having something that they've never asked for. It's a system that was imposed on all of us to maintain an environment of race-based class privilege and hierarchal social and economic stratification. It's not like individuals are capable of doing anything about this, however, they think that they're being unfairly blamed for it. No, that's not true at all.

Another problem with this is that a lot of white liberals are completely unable to understand that their words and actions are responsible for furthering white supremacy and through a process of white privilege. It takes a significant amount of self-awareness and instruction to understand these things, and it's not like one can overturn an entire lifetime of privileged white existence with just a few posts on a discussion forum.

Now, going back to the black conservatives… It's impossible for black conservatives to tell their white counterparts that they're being bigoted assholes. After all, the entire purpose OF black conservatism is to justify, endorse and excuse white conservative bigotry and economic exploitation and do it with a black face. It never was and never will be a form of independent black empowerment. If these co-called black cons EVER decided to go the route of independent black empowerment and cut their ties with fascist and bigoted right wing Republicans, those fucking white wingers will lose their shit.

Now when it comes to confronting the problems of white supremacy and white privilege over here on the LEFT… There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for allowing these things to go unchallenged in a movement that prides itself for working to overturn unfair treatment based on anything, bigotry and inherent inequality.

No excuse at all.

So, what the fuck is going on with this Michael Moore bullshit?

I have to say that I haven't been watching any TV lately, I haven't been exactly paying attention to the threads in GD for the last couple of days and I've been doing shit completely unrelated to any political site, so I'm not entirely up to snuff.

I have been wasting too much fucking time dealing with those assholes on the Discisnst. with a couple of threads and that's taken up a considerable amount of concentration to effectively discredit their bullshit.

Given that I've neglected spending time dealing with bullshit over here, where it doesn't belong and seeing how so much of has exploded all over the place, I'm now over here to lend some of my overdue time to give it the old college try.

So, I'll ask you this: Since you guys know where the bullshit lies in GD, much better than me, and especially since it's quite overwhelmed whenever I look in there, I'm asking you to do me a favor and post links as replies to this OP, of particularly disturbing and troublesome posts and I will act accordingly.

Hit me, I'm ready.

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