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Study Finds Blacks Blocked From Southern Juries

In late April in a courthouse in Madison County, Ala., a prosecutor was asked to explain why he had struck 11 of 14 black potential jurors in a capital murder case. The district attorney, Robert Broussard, said one had seemed “arrogant” and “pretty vocal.” In another woman, he said he “detected hostility.”

Mr. Broussard also questioned the “sophistication” of a former Army sergeant, a forklift operator with three years of college, a cafeteria manager, an assembly-line worker and a retired Department of Defense program analyst.

The analyst, he said, “did not appear to be sophisticated to us in her questionnaire, in that she spelled Wal-Mart, as one of her previous employers, as Wal-marts.”

Arguments like these were used for years to keep blacks off juries in the segregationist South, systematically denying justice to black defendants and victims. But today, the practice of excluding blacks and other minorities from Southern juries remains widespread and, according to defense lawyers and a new study by the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit human rights and legal services organization in Montgomery, Ala., largely unchecked.


Two Texas women sue troopers over ‘unconstitutional’ roadside body cavity search

Two Texas women announced this week that they were suing Texas state troopers over an unconstitutional roadside body cavity search that occurred on Memorial Day in 2012 caught by dashcam footage, according to Texas news station KHOU.

Brandy Hamilton, 27, and Alexandria Randle, 26, said they on their home to Houston from Surfside beach wearing bikinis when a trooper pulled them over on Texas 288 for speeding. The Houston Chronicle reported that the suit names Trooper Nathaniel Turner, who claimed he smelled marijuana in the car and called a female trooper even though a “search and seizure was highly unreasonable.” The suit also names the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, responding officer Brazoria County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Kindred and the Brazoria County sheriff.

In dashcam footage, Hamilton can be heard saying “Do you know how violated I feel?” to Trooper Jennie Bui as she was searched.

Randle said that the she only had one glove that was used to search both of them. “She just came right over and there was no switch out of anything — which is disgusting,” Randle said at a Wednesday press conference recorded by KHOU.


The Bigger Picture of Being Shot While Black and Unarmed in America

Thanks to Paris Mac @_ToParisAndBack


Hey, Politicians...


Sharknado Sequel Ideas...

Apparently she's under the impression that the President earned his law degree from Hogwarts

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