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Flora Purim - Andei (I Walked)

Duke Pearson and Flora Purim - Stormy



Squiggly-pop, bar-zip hoog krinkly-krantz.


That's just way too much love for one doggy body…

Don't just wanna give that face a snuggle?

Today's Itinerary...


Grand Jury Clears Two Former Jasper Cops Who Beat Woman in Jail

Grand jury clears 2 former Jasper officers of brutality
By Brooke Crum

A Jasper County grand jury cleared two former police officers who were caught on video manhandling a woman inside the police station last year.

Ricky Grissom and Ryan Cunningham will not face criminal charges for their role in the May 5, 2013, incident.

Police station surveillance video showed the officers wrestling Keyarika Diggles to the ground while dispatcher Lindsey Davenport watched. One of the officers grabbed a handful of Diggles hair and slammed her against the police station counter. Together they dragged her by her feet into a darkened holding cell.

Diggles, who was arrested on suspicion of unpaid traffic tickets, claimed she was left on the floor for hours without medical attention and subjected to a strip search.

The Jasper City Council fired Grissom and Cunningham shortly after the incident. Davenport, who apparently conducted the strip search, was fired later.


I'm sure that there's more, but here's 23 Times America Failed Black People in 2014

Derrick Clifton's avatar image By Derrick Clifton December 5, 2014

Without question, black people dominated news coverage this year, but often not for reasons many would celebrate.

As America witnessed the killings of unarmed black people by police, the reality of a broken justice system, the perpetuation of various anti-black stereotypes and racism rearing its head within many major institutions, the country had no choice but to face its racial demons head-on.

And although these issues don't surprise many African-Americans, they still prompted widespread outrage at every level. Thousands more took to social media, even to streets in cities across the country, sending a clear message: Black lives matter.

Here are but a few of the many moments when the country failed its black citizens in 2014.


Lunch Time!

Sing Our Own Song (V)

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