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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 60,260

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Alright, you beat me. I give up, no more fighting about it from me anymore...

That's right, you win.


What is it that am I supposed to be agreeing with you about again?

I forgot.

Good Morning, Vietnam!

Good Morning from Castle Anthrax!

I forgot to wish all of you a Seasonings Coatings

BUt today's the day after America's Birthday, that's like Wrestling Day, right?

Fucking Congressional Republicans


The American Justice System

Deep Thoughts

"Shoot! A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

Nessie and Satch says hi!

There's a reason why I haven't said anything about the Evo Morales incident...

I simply don't have enough information to make a judgment one way or the other.

The same goes for judgment about Morales himself one way or the other.

I'm not prone to make flying leaps at conspiracies one way or the other, or even ruminate over those who would or wouldn't make them.

All I have to say is... Let's wait and see, shall we?
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