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Season's Greetings, Steve Miller Style

VIDEO: S.F. Sheriff’s Deputy Charged with Assaulting Hospital Patient and Lying About It

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco County Sheriff’s Deputy is facing serious charges for allegedly assaulting a patient in the waiting room at S.F. General Hospital and then lying about it.

District Attorney George Gascón says 33-year old deputy Michael R. Lewelling is charged with four felonies and a misdemeanor related to the incident that happened on November 3rd of this year.

Records show Deputy Lewelling filed an official police report saying the victim had assaulted him with a wooden cane. The victim in the case was arrested and charged with a felony and a misdemeanor.

Gascón says the surveillance tape “depict(s) the victim hunched over in a chair sleeping in the Emergency Room’s waiting area, awaiting a doctor’s appointment later that day. Deputy Lewelling approaches the victim as he is starting to wake up. He subsequently appears to engage in a conversation with the victim, at which point the victim slowly stands up, using a cane for assistance. Once up, he attempts to take a step towards the exit. While the victim is attempting to walk away, the defendant grabs the back of his collar, pulling him back into the seat and knocking his cane away. The victim never raised his cane in a threatening manner. A few seconds later, he appears to grab the victim’s throat and begins to choke him. The battery continued, and the victim was then placed under arrest.”


Today's example of why I think that ALL cops should be under some kind of video surveillance while they're on duty.

While you're on the air, you'd might think it important to keep your lies straight...

America, The Beautiful - Equal Time


It was ugly...


Close To You - Jacob Collier

Feliz Natividad.

Luciano Pavarotti & James Brown - It's a man's world

I'm Dreaming of a Barry White Christmas

Racist, anti-black and pro-police factions are out to discredit the anti-abuse movement

By putting these two dead Brooklyn cops up as martyrs.

The lies against the movement have already started. Now ALL cops are being depicted as "brave heroes" under siege. The paranoia is flying for sure.

I pretty much expect cops to react with more violence and abuse now, they're looking for cover for any future incident where innocent and unarmed people are abused and killed at the hands of the police.

The anti-abuse movement still has no intention of resorting to reactionary violence itself. The killer of those two cops is not representative of that movement. The movement is about peace and justice, not retaliation.

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