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Frankly I wish that the President would come out for breathing, eating and periodic hydration...

That right there would go a long way in a short term.


Say "when."

Republicans are like quack doctors who prescribe their own poisonous concoctions for patients

And when the patients get sicker, they say that the only remedy is to up the dosage… For an additional fee, of course.

Thirty years of regressive economic policies have only made America sicker and sicker. Look at our crumbling infrastructure, our underlying feelings of income insecurity, our inability to focus as a nation together, to fix our myriad problems. We're lost in the wilderness, with many voices pulling us all deeper into the trees and underbrush.

More tax cuts and benefit cuts are not the key to fixing our national malady, they have been the cause. People would rather have wages than subsidies, but when the Republicans tell us all that people should work, they never address the fact that wages are inadequate and have remained flat since the days of Reagan. That jobs have been exported and that we have an economy which does not produce as much as it should. It's built to redistribute income upward, not outward. The fact that they've ignored all of that makes them complicit in creating harm.

Pointing to CEOs and Wall Street barons who have made a killing off the backs of workers and the cashing out of businesses is not a sign of a healthy economy, it's the sign of one which requires the intervention of government to help right the problems of income inequality.

Republicans have made themselves the gatekeepers for a failing system which threatens to doom up all, even the ultra rich that they serve at the detriment of everyone else.

For them, failure is an option, it's the only one. They're intentionally breaking the back our entire economy.

Once it happens, all they're going to do is blame the both the victims of their follies and everyone who has tried to prevent them.

The have no sense of responsibility, shame or conscience whatsoever. They have their golden parachutes prepared and rocks to toss to us all when we start drowning.

Hope you've all enjoyed another one of my metaphor laden rants…

Try to make the best of this day for you and yours.

I'm going to be away for awhile...

However, I think that it's interesting to see who votes that the relevance of a terrorist attack in France is more relevant than an attack against the NAACP in the USA.


You can't fix stupid. They do this shit every year, even after being told that they're wrong

I guess that this is sort of like a chicken and egg thing:

1. Are people fucking morons because they're conservatives?

2. Or are people conservatives because they're fucking morons?

Actually, I would have just gone with "Everything" and left it at that...

Chocolate Chip Cookie wants to be your friend...


Terrorist shooting in France vs NAACP Bombing in Colorado: Which is more relevant to the USA?

It's very annoying how the #NAACPbombing is being fawned over by non-Black people.


I heard about the NAACP Bombing from postracialcomments (who posted a bunch of articles / screencaps / etc.) and since then Twitter has been on fire about how outrageous and uncalled for the attack was / how surprised they are that none of the major news outlets are reporting it / how Twitter is fueling the conversation…

Meanwhile people are asking Black people how we “feel” about the attack and what we “think” about the fact that none of the major outlets are reporting on it and so on and so forth, as if CNN not reporting makes every non-Black person the next Ida B. Wells of America.

I wish people would understand we don’t have the option of NOT knowing these things,and those of us who do play ignorant and choose not to read the news or pay attention usually suffer because of it; notknowing that this type of crap happens every day puts us at risk as individuals. Not understanding how little a Black life means in the United States is dangerous, point blank period.

So for all of these non-Black people to hear about this incident and lose their minds is absolutely laughable, honestly. This isn’t new. Don’t ask me how I feel about it because it’s exactly the same as I felt about the lack of coverage on Mike Brown’s death, on Eric Garner’s death, on Antonio Martin’s death, on Islan Nettles’ death, on Aiyanah Jones’ death, on Sheneque Proctor’s death, and on the countless other deaths, brutalizations, and crimes against Black people and people of color in general.

We have been ignored.That is normal. We understand that is normal. The fact that people don’tunderstand it as normal says a whole fucking lot about how much they really pay attention to. I’m seeing things about “black on black crime is Googled more often during times when Black people die by the hands of White people, to silence them!" and "RT if you heard about this through Twitter" as if that actually has jackshit to do with the issue at hand: Black people’s issues being silenced, overlooked, minimized, marginalized, put in the back of the paper.

Meanwhile, Black social activists like Mikael Chuks Owunna are not being echoed by most of these people. How you can sit there and say “oh my god it’s so terrible this is being overlooked” while overlooking the voices who matter in this conversationand don’t think it’s a part of the same system is beyond me. You can screech about how a panda cub got more attention all you want, until people start handing the mic over to Black people, shutting up, and listening to what is being said, nothing is going to change.

And if the only way you can seem to “be an ally” is to annoy, pester, and aggravate the people you’re supposed to be allying with because you’re incapable of researching and echoing information from Black people who have spoken extensively on the topics at hand (trust me, there are literally hundreds, we weren’t all born two years ago), you’re the fuckin problem.It is not on us to write our own stories, advertise and promulgate our own stories, and hold your hand and wipe your ass at the same damn time.

It’s completely suffocating to live in a world where even when it’s about you, it isn’t about you.


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