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For years I've been saying that the police in this country are ALL out of countrol...

It really disheartens me to point out that I told you so. I'm not in the mood for that "not all cops" bullshit. Because the so-call "good" cops, as we have all seen, do nothing more than to back up the bad ones while they rabbit punch submissive victims of police violence.

My Bad Cop, No Donut posts have all become redundant, which is why I haven't done as many lately as I've done in the past.

There's enough shit out there where I could, not only post several police misconduct articles EVERY FREAKING DAY, I could pick an actual theme for all of the posts.

Drug use and dealing, domestic violence, child abuse and molestation, use of force... You name it. It's at the point where I'm more wary about the cops than I am the criminals, for obvious reasons.

I don't have an answer for this, no solutions, only piecemeal suggestions, like putting every single LEO in the country under uninterrupted video and audio surveillance for every single moment that they're on duty.

Ordinary people, including previously uninvolved white people, are going to have to rise up and demand that cops are held accountable for their abuse. POCs have been telling everyone about how bad the police are for decades, we've had atrocity on video after atrocity on video for as long as cameras have been trained on the police and still much of the country couldn't be bothered to give a fuck.

The people have been very patient about this and will continue to show restraint against law enforcement. I doubt at this point that cops will be gunned down in the street for no good reason, as the cops have done to so many people. It just won't happen, no war on our streets.

But I do expect more people to take to the streets, organize online, address their municipal entities and advocate for change. There is just too much at stake than to just sit idly by and wait until the next unarmed person to be murdered by a cop.

More and more people are waking up. It's time to be on the right side of justice and history. It's time to make a change.

Hey, the cop who beat that man in Inkster, MI and planted drugs in his car was FIRED today. http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/28774423/inkster-officer-fired-after-beating-caught-on-camera

That's just a drop in the bucket, but a welcome one. Hopefully he won't get hired some place else.

Don't bogart that fusilli...

For all the Better Call Saul fans in the house...

This sounds serious...

Happy Easter!

How Canadians are hatched...

Uncle Walter Warned Us...

Happy Easter, Pug Lovers!

What's up with those trigger happy German cops?

5 Reasons It's Always Impossible To Take On Scientology

By David Christopher Bell April 01, 2015

Thanks to HBO's continual insistence on killing it in any given genre, the documentary Going Clear shocked the world last weekend with the revelation that an alien-worshiping religious group founded by a tax-evading sci-fi writer wasn't so great after all. Yes, Scientology sure is America's scary uncle, right down to the fact that it refuses to leave no matter how many court orders get sent.

So how is it that a group almost universally accepted as a grifting cult could still be able to operate legally? The reasons are more diabolically genius than you think, even if you watched the documentary -- because while the Church of Scientology is just regular ol' crazy when it comes to most things, it is crazy like a fox when it comes to legal matters.

#5. They Achieved Tax-Exempt Status by Bombarding the IRS

The one unifying merit to Scientology is that they're the only organization insufferable and wealthy enough to screw the IRS at their own game. The bombardment began in 1973 with the Church's Guardian Office conducting something they called operation "Snow White," a deliberate plan to infiltrate and blackmail the media, medical communities, and government agencies determined to be detrimental to Scientology's bat-shit existence. Like anything a cult does, it didn't take long for this to mushroom into a vast plume of insanity, with the Church going as far as infiltrating and bugging IRS offices. The FBI responded with a generous raid, sending 11 Scientologists straight to prison ... something the Church believes to be a "dark" but "justified" chapter in their history.


I usually don't link Cracked articles, but this one was jaw-dropping.
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