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Omertà: Cop Style...

Cops Brutalized One of their Own, Told Him to Keep it Quiet. He Didn’t, Now He Feels the Real Pain
By Matt Agorist on February 28, 2015

An inadvertent whistleblower was created after a cop found himself on the receiving end of police brutality. Now he’s feeling the wrath of the “blue code of silence.”

Hamilton County, TN — A police officer with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office has filed a lawsuit against several of his peers after he says deputies brutally beat him on his own property.

Aaron Shelton and his wife were at their home on November 11 of last year when they heard something “being broken” in their front yard. Upon investigation, Shelton saw that a car had crashed in his yard. As he was walking out to the car, a person got out and began running toward his carport.

Shelton gave chase to the suspect, but he was quickly confronted by deputies with guns drawn.

Shelton claims the deputies then ordered him to “get on the ground.” Shelton claims he complied and offered no resistance. But that didn’t stop fellow officers from starting to beat him.

He told the deputies he was an off-duty law enforcement officer, but this had no effect on the cops’ violence.

One deputy, Curtis Killingsworth, began beating him with a baton. Shelton suffered a tibia and ankle contusion during the beating. He was struck so hard with the baton that an outline was left across his lower back, said Robin Flores, an attorney who is representing Shelton.

Shelton’s wife was at the scene telling the deputies that Aaron was an officer. However, they continued striking Aaron. Not until a neighbor came out and told them “they were beating the wrong man,” did the deputies’ assault subside, according to the lawsuit.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cops-brutalized-own-told-quiet-didnt-feels-real-pain/#HeimXy38rUhQfYYs.99


Who Watches The Watchers?

Photobombing Level: Epic!

Pick a Joint. Use your own criteria...











Happy Pi Day!


Gum balls cure whining!

The Handy-Dandy Walking Dead Reaction Chart...

You know that those two "apologizing" former OU students said that weren't racist, right?

Isn't that laughable?

Just as racism was brought up a lot in the national conversation since Pres. Obama was elected...

If Hillary is elected, then instances of sexism and misogyny will explode as well.

I'm sure that even here, we'll get into heated discussions about the role of women in our society. But not just about feminism, but things like intersectionality as well.

We've got a lot of invested and intelligent people here, so I'm quite sure that the upcoming conversations will be eye-opening indeed.

Me: "They're going to politicize everything."

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