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When the pitcher threw the ball through to the catcher, I was through with that batter

Feel free to add your own.

A Simple Word Equation...

Nelson Mandela main cause was to end racist Apartheid in South Africa and bring equality to South Africans of color.

Conservatives hate Nelson Mandela for his accomplishments.

THUS: Conservatives are a bunch of racist assholes who hate Mandela for ending Apartheid in South Africa.

Hey… They're admitting as much. When they say that they aren't racist, we pretty much know that that's just nothing but bullshit. If the cause was ending modern day slavery in America, they'd be calling Abolitionists "Terrorists" too.

I've best of the Year show about to start at 1PM ET

Tune in!

http://invader.fm/ http://goo.gl/hzl2aK

The GOP Health Care Plan

At least SOMEONE found Bigfoot...

Hotel California - Majek Fashek

Darn Cats...

The Fate of Martin Bashir...

Has come to fruition due to the inability of the left to unconditionally support those figures that deserve unconditional support.

The Right does that all the time with their media figures, that's why they get to stick around to say even more outrageous shit. However, the Left is ready to drop a bomb on anyone who sways from the true path at the drop of the hat. In that way, we're our own worst enemy. It depicts us as wishy-washy and lacking conviction.

We stand up for causes, even flawed ones, but flawed people, true lefties with their hearts in the right places but who are fallible as the next guy? No, they have to be sacrificed at the stake of the sake of intellectual purity.

If I ever hear another complaint about the Right's continuous support of Fox News, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin or any one of those fools, after watching the same people throw one straying leftie after another onto the garbage pile, I'm gonna puke my guts out.

There was plenty of time to save Martin Bashir's job… But, I guess that he just wasn't pure enough to give a damn.

There are some other things that I'd love to say about this, but I'm keeping those things out to keep the thread jackers away.

I'm upset and deservedly so.

They want you to be consumers, not citizens...

Behind the Bloodshed: The Untold Story Of America's Mass Killings

Since 2006, there have been more than 200 mass killings in the United States.

Well-known images from Newtown, Aurora and Virginia Tech capture the nation’s attention, but similar bloody scenes happen with alarming frequency and much less scrutiny.

USA TODAY examined FBI data -- which defines a mass killing as four or more victims -- as well as local police records and media reports to understand mass killings in America. They happen far more often than the government reports, and the circumstances of those killings -- the people who commit them, the weapons they use and the forces that motivate them -- are far more predictable than many might think.

Yet no one is keeping track.


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