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Preach it!

Uh, ya think?

The Phony Hillary Email Scandal...

News Daily Brief...

The only bad thing about being in a perfect situation...

Is that, usually, everything else is downhill from there.

Sorry, you didn't get into Harvard...

How to break your democracy...

For a guy who supposedly doesn't love America, he has a strange way of showing it

The hardest thing about walking your cat on the street in keeping the martini in the glass

I've just read three different threads of wingers spouting off ridiculous bullshit

Pick any three, they're all over the place. This got me to thinking that, if I didn't know any better, all of Wingerdom might just be competing with each other in a contest to say the MOST REPREHENSIBLE THING EVER.

It's like they have no limit to the utterly horrible shit that they say. I have no idea what the prize may be for this contest, if it in fact exists. But if I were to hazard a guess, I would say say that it would be the right to keep a sex slave in their basement for some period of time.

Of course, that sounds ridiculous, right?. After all, these people don't need any encouragement to be assholes, that's just who they are.

But... If someday, we all learn of one of them getting arrested for keeping a sex slave in their basement, then I guess we'll all know who the winner of the contest is.

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