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On the next episode of TRUE DETECTIVE S2, I suggest we all play the following drinking game...

Every time a character takes a drink we all take one as well.

Make sure we're all posting at the same time.

It should make for the funniest show time threads ever.

Happy Father's Day, Everyone

FDA Formula Alert

The FDA issued a recall today for several baby formulas that may be contaminated
by heavy metals. Be sure to check your infant for symptoms including headbanging,
wearing black leather studded diapers, and guttural death metal crying.

The Spinners - I'll Be Around

The Spinners - Working My Way Back To You Girl

The Spinners - Games People Play

The Spinners - One Of A Kind Love Affair

The Spinners - Rubberband Man

For a certain Spinners fan:

For eight years here on DU, I've conducted the Late Lee Atwater Award for RW Evil...

Recent events have got me thinking about it.

I'm considering giving it up. I've never gotten a big response from the thing and I've felt that it's really not worth it anymore... If you're not familiar with it, it's something that I do every Halloween.

I know that wingers will never stop being evil, will never stop inspiring the destruction of this country and the people who live within it, to include, through white supremacist hatefulness, encouraging the murder of more black people, as we have seen. I just don't think that an "award" named after one of the worst people ever, a son of South Carolinian Confederacy who used racial hated for political gain, is worth it anymore.

Atwater is rotting is his grave right now. I only wish that racism in this country would rot in its grave right along with him.

If you all want another award this year, especially in light of the expanding Republikkan Klown Kar, I'll do it. Please post and let me know your wishes.

Otherwise... You probably won't miss it if it doesn't come around again.
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