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Raise Your Hands

Managing Privilege


This Week in Delusional Conservatism: AZ GOPer: "Entitlements are like Slave Owners"

Congressional Candidate: Entitlements Are Like Slave Owners That ‘Took Pretty Good Care Of Their Slaves’


Arizona congressional candidate Jim Brown (R) compared entitlements to slavery in a Facebook post Wednesday, explaining that entitlements give politicians “power over the people allowing them to control us” much like slave owners that “took pretty good care of their slaves and livestock.”

Brown urged people to vote so lawmakers start to focus on “jobs, education, and opportunity – not slavery”:


"I'm pretty much convinced that GOPers and run of the mill Winger Cons are running this internal contest within themselves to say the most reprehensible thing in public possible. And were I to gather what the grand prize would be, I'd say that it would be the right of the winner to keep a small Black child in their basement as a sex slave.

So, if perhaps we discovered that one of them had, in fact, kept a small Black child in their basement as a sex slave, then we can assume that I'm on to something here."


Obviously, the fraudsters took the time to study Piaget's Conservation of Fluids and the fans didn't

Fans sue Idaho hockey arena after discovery that $7 beers are actually same size as $4 beers
By Travis Gettys

Thursday, March 13, 2014 9:42 EDT

A group of minor-league hockey fans have sued the owner of an Idaho arena after they discovered they had been paying more for “large” beers that were the same size as “small” beers.

The potentially class action lawsuit claims the owners of CenturyLink Arena in Boise defrauded customers by selling tall, narrow cups of beer for $7 that held the same amount of liquid as shorter, wider cups sold for $4.

Plaintiffs Brady Peck, Michele Bonds and William, and Brittany Graham are seeking more than $10,000 in damages.

In the lawsuit, Peck claims he has attended at least 30 events over three years at the arena and purchased beer each time, and the other plaintiffs said they had purchased at least one $7 beer at events they attended over five years.

The suit was filed after hockey fan Gwen Gibbs posted a YouTube video showing her boyfriend, Heath Forsey, pouring an entire large beer into one of the smaller cups while they attended an Idaho Steelheads game Saturday.

The arena’s president said Monday that CenturyLink would change the size of its 20-ounce large cups to 24 ounces and evaluate its concessions during the summer offseason.


When there's money involved, don't ever trust ANYONE! Not even your hometown hockey arena.

Why are these numbers even? I don't understand this...

Bunny does a Binky...

If you ask me, these two are up to no good...

Was anybody looking?

I've never been more sure of anything in my life...

That it always pays to wait until all of the details are in until you're sure about anything at all.

Republican challenger to Lindsey Graham calls senator ‘ambiguously gay’

By Tom Boggioni
Friday, March 14, 2014 10:36 EDT

At a press conference held Thursday to announce their solidarity in opposing Sen. Lindsey Graham, one of the four Republican candidates running against the incumbent senator referred to Graham as “ambiguously gay”, according to The State.

The news conference, held to announce a pledge between the challengers to support whomever ended up in a runoff with Graham, took an awkward turn when candidate Dave Feliciano stepped to the podium and addressed the issue of Graham’s sexuality.

“It’s about time that South Carolina (says) ‘ Hey, we’re tired of the ambiguously gay senator from South Carolina’, ” Feliciano said. “We’re ready for a new leader to merge the Republican Party. We’re done with this. This is what it’s about, all of us coming together and saying, one way or the other, one of us is going to be on that ballot in November’.”

Questions about Graham’s sexuality have arisen previously but the senator has dismissed them.

Before speaking, Feliciano, a former police officer from Spartanburg with no previous political experience, signed a pledge with state Sen. Lee Bright, businessman Richard Cash, and attorney Bill Connor promising to endorse whichever candidate advanced to face Graham.


Well, I guess we can figure out what's always on Dave's mind, can't we?
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