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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 66,571

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Uber in the animal world...

It's only a matter of time before Skynet comes after us...

The Magical Pun...

English: Where do cats go when they die? Purrgatory.

Spanish: De dnde van los gatos cuando mueren? Purgatorio.

Italian: Dove vanno i gatti quando muoiono? Nel purgattorio.

French: O vont les chats quand ils meurent? Au purchattoire.

Portuguese: Para onde os gatos vo quando morrem? Para o purgatorio.

It's like magic! Even with less used languages...

Welsh: Ble mae cathod yn mynd pan fyddant yn marw? Purcathory.

Sethoso: Where u se ke likatse ea ha ba e-shoa? Pelikatori.

Irish: C cait dul nuair bs siad? Purcaitory

Haitian Creole: Ki kote gatos ale l yo mouri? purgatwar

It's a paronomasia rich environment!


Unca Ronnie's Dilemma...

Like the sound of fingernails scratching a chalkboard...

Joker's Wild! Pick One:

Joker A.

Joker B.

Joker C.

Dad Level: Jedi...

Slow rollin'

Time once more in Russia for the running of the sub-compact sedans...

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