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Halloween is coming #9…

Halloween is coming #8…

Halloween is coming #7

Republican "Logic"

Halloween is coming #6

Halloween is coming #5…

Halloween is coming #4…

Selda Bagcan - Yaz Gazeteci Yaz

I used to wonder why more terrorists haven't come here to attack us...

But I guess they eventually figured out that they don't have to.

Simply because we Americans are so intently hell bent on shooting each other to death all of the time that they could feel that anything they'd do is just woefully insufficient.

It's Halloween season, maybe I should dress up as an NRA executive... But on second thought, some monsters are just TOO evil.

I was planning on posting a series of "Halloween Is Coming" OPs each day of the entire month…

But not today.

Instead, I'll give you the face of the evil that's among us. He's not just a monster himself, but he's actually the grand facilitator of monstrous evil done by others and no one can ever hold him accountable for it.


Halloween will resume tomorrow… Today, we pause in abject horror and sadness.

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