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I have to tell you, that I'm fucking amazed that marriage equality has hit UTAH!

Utah, are you kidding me?

That really puts my state of Michigan to shame. The fucking Republicans passed a law against it.

But I tell you, as goes UTAH, so goes the rest of America… Eventually.

Marriage Equality will be the law of the land during all of our lifetimes, I'm sure about it.

WTG, Utah.

I'm a man...

And there's very little that I can say to women about the effect of manliness on their everyday lives. Women experience it from sun up to sun down.

But I can say to some of the guys out there, who are feeling as if their own manliness is being impugned upon by mere women who deign to speak up and say that the effect of manliness on their own lives can be problematic…

Shut the fuck up.

Gawd, I hate that kind of whining.

Especially when it comes from people, whom by the mere fact that they were born a certain way, this bullshit that their privileged status doesn't cause problems.

In case the whiners out there haven't figured this out yet, your privileged status is like the air surrounding everyone. It's everywhere. Yet, that doesn't make it right.

I have absolutely no idea why it's a problem when women reject the practice of strange men who treat them like unclaimed property. Someone explain that shit to me, in English, if you don't mind.

Now, I want to point out a couple of things… Most women like guys and many of them don't mind if men talk to them. But, there is a right way to do that and there's a wrong way.

However, that does not mean that strange men should stare women down, like some hungry wolf stalking a fluffy bunny, or that men should clumsily and openly make rude and loud sexual proposals on the street.

Now, I need to point out the main problem here… Most men are not as skilled in communication as women. A lot of guys are really bad at it. And most women, especially the ones that like guys, are just sick and tired of dealing with bad communicators, especially when they come off as creepy and potentially threatening. But most of all, most women don't feel as if the intrinsically privileged position of men should be enough to compensate for the lack of male communication skills.

The solution to this problem comes in three mind-bogglingly simple steps:

- Men should talk to women as if they're human beings and not unclaimed sexual objects. Get your talk game straight.

- Next resign yourself to the fact that women, for whatever reason they choose, have the absolute right to reject men who make bad, unwanted, awkward and potentially threatening approaches… And there's nothing that the guy can do about it. Or just because women feel like it, those guys lose, simple as that.

- There's a big diff between looking at a woman who just happens to be out in public, and when some guy is ogling them like they're a plate of steak and fries. Figure out that difference, if you're a gawd-damned adult.

Lastly, to all the whiners out there, wake the fuck up and look around you. Someone is trying to explain how the world really is FOR THEM, and that whining is preventing that from getting through. The other part of "shut the fuck up," is "listen, gawd-dammit." Whining is not very sexy at all.

Now, who want's to be a sexy, non-threatening and not-lazily depending on their position of privilege kind of guy?


It's a good thing I'm not a beer drinker

Othewise it would be man overboard.

Don't talk to me.


Cat Anatomy

Merry Winter Solstice, Everybody!

Hopefully everyone will gather around their Solstice tree for the sacrificial fruitcake eating and hot wine drinking ceremony tonight.

I look forward to this all year long. It's second only to the ritualistic Summer Solstice hat dancing festival in Akron every year.

Come back, Mother Sun. Absolve us of our sins.

Woman offends the entire continent of Africa with a Tweet, Twitter gets on the case




Did the REAL Sound of Music come on this year?

I'm jonesin' for some Julie Andrews.

Is it just my imagination...

Or do we WASTE so much of the nation's time dealing with Right Wing conspiracy theories, the failed backwards policies and proposals and just so much general crap that they're responsible for, that all we're only doing is spinning our wheels while all the greedy crooks are running up a tab behind our backs?

It that's what's going on?

Dana Rohrabacher Is Dirty

Congressman turned $1 million Costa Mesa home rental into pigsty

By R. SCOTT MOXLEY Thursday, Dec 19 2013

When Congressman Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher moved into a four-bedroom, four-bathroom, million-dollar Costa Mesa rental home on April Fool's Day 2010, the immaculate, 6,300-square-foot property could have been featured in a glossy real-estate magazine. Built in 1948, the two-story, Orange Avenue home had been updated in recent years for comfort and style. The carpeting was new, appliances worked and walls were spotless. Thriving flowers, plants and grass adorned the idyllic back yard less than 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

But it's now understandable why Orange County's senior, career politician secretly changed the locks and refused to allow homeowner Robert Polyniak inside for annual inspections. When he moved out in August 2012, Rohrabacher left behind a shockingly horrific pigsty, a dump worse than a college fraternity house of unhygienic slobs unfamiliar with the most basic tools of cleaning. Darlene Whitsell, Polyniak's longtime girlfriend, entered the home shortly after the congressman's departure and wept at the scene.

"It was disgusting," she said. "It was unbelievable. Who lives like that?"

Massive black stains and muck covered the carpet throughout the home. Sticky grime encased damaged, rusted appliances. Denied water, once-thriving outside plants and grass dried up and died. Blinds were cracked. Black dirt ruined the appearance of once-sparkling tile floors. Walls inexplicably contained odd holes, nail polish, wax and some smelly substance that may have been feces.

Every toilet seat in the house was broken. The ceilings showed smoke damage. Light switches had been cracked. Clumps of hair and remnants of what may have been balloons or some other rubbery material clogged sinks. Cracks scarred doors. Thick, solidified grease rendered the air-suction vent above the kitchen stove useless. Bathroom towel bars were missing, and vanities suffered water damage.

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