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"She told him that she loved him."

Adding the word "only" in various parts of the sentence changes it significantly:

Only, she told him that she loved him. (Get your story straight)

She only told him that she loved him. (If someone says otherwise, they're lying)

She told only him that she loved him. (Ditto)

She told him only that she loved him. (A woman of few words)

She told him that only she loved him. (We have the winner for most passive-aggressive sentence right here)

She told him that she only loved him. (She just doesn't like him very much)

She told him that she loved only him. (She doth protest too much)

She told him that she loved him only. (Ditto, with a side of passive-aggression)

Halloween is coming: How To...

Halloween is coming: I'll take mine with some fava beans on the side and a nice chianti

Halloween is coming: It's coming for YOU!

No one can say that N.Z. cops don't have a sense of humour

Halloween is coming: Things are never what they seem..

Halloween is coming: Be scared, be very scared...

Gingerbread Story...

And here I was thinking that they were one in the same.

Who's feeling fabulous today?

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