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Man shot by police officers during traffic stop

A man was shot by two officers during a traffic stop after police said he was acting suspiciously.

The shooting happened in front of a convenience store on Buffalo Speedway and West Fuqua. Police pulled over a car, but HPD said a man inside the car wouldn't listen to their commands, even after he was shot multiple times by officers.

"When I was about to walk into the store, I heard gunshots, so immediately I turned around and grabbed my son and got us both on the ground," said witness Laquesha Spencer.

Police said the shots were fired after the passenger inside the silver car would not co-operate with officer's orders to sit still and put his hands up.


John Coltrane - What Child Is This?

Supremes - My Favorite Things

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Acoustic Electro Swing Hiphop Version

All I Want For Christmas is a Go-Go Girl


Meglio Stasera

I Feel Good...

Just watched the funniest TV spot ever

It played during the half-time of the Packers-Bills game. Apparently, Dish Network is planning on dropping Fox News.

The ad showed all the worst of the worst (you know who they are) and warned viewers that, unless Dish is stopped, viewers risk losing the "#1 cable news network."

They then flashed some URL for people to appeal to Dish to keep Fox.

I have cable, but I'd love to call Dish and tell them to drop away.

Time for another edition of Thank God I Never Had Kids...

#1: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1018630050

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