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Very considerate, indeed...

Ferguson protest solidarity map


Forty-two states, everybody!

A little background on Bob McCulloch from his Wiki page:

In 2000, in the so-called "Jack in the Box" case, two undercover officers, a police officer and a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officer, shot and killed two unarmed black men in the parking lot of a Jack in the Box fast-food restaurant in Berkeley, Missouri. In 2001, the officers told a grand jury convened by McCulloch that the suspects tried to escape arrest and then drove toward them; the jury declined to indict. McCulloch told the public that every witness had testified to confirm this version, but St. Louis Post-Dispatch journalist Michael Sorkin reviewed the previously secret grand jury tapes, released to him by McCulloch, and found that McCulloch's statement was untrue: only three of 13 officers testified that the car was moving forward. A subsequent federal investigation found that the men were unarmed and that their car had not moved forward when the officers fired 21 shots; nevertheless, federal investigators decided that the shooting was justified because the officers feared for their safety. McCulloch also drew controversy when he said of the victims: "These guys were bums." The two men killed, Earl Murray and Ronald Beasley, had prior felony convictions on drug and assault charges.


Sounds familiar?

Happy Wednesday the 26th!


Do the math...

This Day In History...

"Unremarkable Study"

"Mandible appears intact without fracture or dislocation"

Remember, Wilson was "punched" several times in the jaw by a "bulked up demon," who had "control" of his own duty weapon… Before he shot him 15 times from 130 feet way.

Shaking your head yet?

Of course, with McCulloch in charge, there was a reasonable expectation of unbiased performance...

ONLY by the FPD.

"...Bulking up to run through the shots" Wilson said...

If this motherfucker isn't living in dire fear of young black males, i don't know who is.

Also… When you think about it:

Just in case that conservatives wonder why black people can't stand their asses...

Well, Ms Right Wing Surfer Girl with your fake tan and all…

Kiss my ass.

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