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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 67,022

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"Waterboarding absolutely works."

Yep. We're the bad guys once again.

Thanks Great Leader Cheetolini Pussygrabber.


So Rubio's voting for Tillerson, eh?

Once a light weight, always a light weight.


Now, I didn't say this...

Well, I didn't


America Held Hostage - Day 3


Never forget that the White House is now inhabited with petty, small minded people

Pettiness that they use as a distraction to take away attention from their objective to loot the national treasure.

We're witnessing the greatest heist in human history here and they're depending on the American people to not pay attention to any of it.

These crooks know that once everyone catches on, it'll be too late.

So now they're about blinding the press, through both lies and smears, marginalizing potential political adversaries, hamstringing function of government and doing everything that they can to sow doubt, distrust and anger.

They're dividing the nation in order to conquer it. To their dismay, the people are not always fooled and are inspired to push back... hard. The next stage, however, is for the pirates running the government to respond by descending into totalitarianism.

Their targets are already sighted. They're about to pull the trigger. We await their attack.


America Held Hostage - Day 2

End of an Error Countdown Clock


America Held Hostage - Day 1

My TV's off right now

And will remain off until ST: DS9 comes on

Let it be written, let it be done.


The country formerly known as America will be "governed" by at least 10 Trump Rules

Welcome to New Trumpanistan where...

1. Whatever Trump says, you're better off by presuming that he's lying.

2. There's no amount of pettiness that's too insignificant to hold Trump's interest, especially any criticisms about him.

3. Incompetence and malfeasance aren't bugs, they're features.

4. Reality will be a precious commodity, and fresh water and clean air will also be the same.

5. Dunning and Kruger can't take your calls right now, they're too busy being out having a field day.

6. You can't always get what you want, and it won't be that hard to find out that you can't get what you need either.

7. Whatever Trump says he'll always have some spokesperson to point out that he didn't mean what he just said.

8. It turns out that Trump's suckers were born early enough to be of voting age.

9. There is no security.

10. Those who have trusted Trump have done so at their own peril.

We'll write more as needed.

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