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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 62,669

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Books not to write...

At least we have a little time to go before they become our masters...

Damn, Peggy, that ain't you, is it?


Rest In Power, Horace Silver

Apparently, he doesn't even have the sense that God gave geese...

Bullet, dodged.

Say what?!?

When keeping your eye on the ball goes horribly wrong...

I am NOT a number!

G. Greenwald is addicted to arguing, isn't he?

It's not whether he right or wrong, it's about his personality.

If he think he's being challenged, he's really quick on the draw with a retaliation. People like that have to alway be right, even if they're initially wrong and are prone to burn bridges.

I can see while he's not exactly a sympathetic character in some circles.
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