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Halloween is coming #55

Either Carson's supporters haven't been listening to him, or they're just as fucked up as he is...


Half the time Carson has no idea what he's talking about and the other half, he's saying the most ridiculous sounding bullshit that he can muster. If he actually thinks that he can get elected as president and function in office, he'd have to be the most delusional Klown in the Klown Kar.

I have my own theory about him: He's pretty much trying to out-crazy the craziest GOPer out there in order to pander for support... And it's working, of course. I believe that his ultimate goal really isn't to get elected at all, but to monetize his campaign for publicity and greasing the rubes in the long run. We can thank the Wasilla Snow Snooki for pioneering this electioneering scam. Carson's simply taking it to its next possible phase... By running his own "campaign," rather than hoping that some other Klown Kar driver would pick him to ride shotgun.

What's pretty freaking obvious that he's actually found the happy medium between popularity and un-electability, by spouting off his outrageous rhetoric.

Black conservatives are extremely adept at using pandering to white right wingers in order to line their own pockets, all the while, avoiding any actual responsibility whatsoever. I don't expect Carson to be any different.

Irony Never Sleeps...

Hillary Tweets her response to the GOPer debate


OK, how do you determine who wins a GOPer debate when ALL of them have horrible proposals…

And you refuse to expose their bullshit?

I'm reminding myself of why I don't watch CNBC by listening to their ridiculous sounding talking heads.

Wall Street sycophants, all.

Adventures In Auto-Correct

Stand by for more…

Happy Birthday to me, baby!

Fifty-four and still going strong!

Halloween is coming #54…

I've just posted the nomination OP in GD for this years Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil. Post your nominees, if you will.


About the 9th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil…

If you want it this Halloween, vote for it in the poll. Also, for those who do want it this year, I'm soliciting nominees.

The award thread will be posted on Halloween Eve as usual.

Pure Michigan…

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