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The AP desperately needs to get its shit together and start existing in the 21st Century…

It's not the 1950's anymore.


wandelen | ep 1 | black dutch culture, dutch caribbean, citizenship, veganism, mental health & more

When GMC changed the name of their SUV from The McKinley to The Denali, GOPers didn't complain

Probably because they couldn't blame Obama for it.

Wait... It was never called the "McKinley?" It was always called "Denali," just like the mountain?

Jeez! GOPer will whine about anything.

Fuck 'em, they'll have to live with it.

Three on a match...

Dr. Oliver Sacks, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Director Wes Craven… Rest in power.

Time to make the salad…

A couple of years ago, I was personally responsible for starting a lot of OPs on Zimmerman

And in many of those threads some posters felt inspired to come to his defense against my characterizing of him as a lying, murdering sociopath who escaped justice, after he stalked, assaulted and murdered an innocent child.

Of course, I accounted for Zimmerman's acquittal, not because he was "innocent", but because we all happen to live in a country in which it's almost impossible for a young, black person to receive any sort of justice, due to our dependence on systemic white supremacy, the inadequacies laden in our system of so-called justice and our blood-thirstily fetishistic national gun culture. That couldn't be even more obvious at this stage in the game.

But, I just have to say that in many of those threads, a great many of the posters who came to Zimmerman's defense had actually turned out to be racist trolls and were subsequently banned. I'm patting myself on the back for helping to out those motherfuckers, of course. BUT, we should have been clued in by people who seemed bound and determined to defend that murdering scumbag, while pissing on the corpse of a black child who was obviously defending himself from Zimmerman's unprovoked attack. Think of it as a litmus test.

However, I'd like to point out, for the record, that I believe that the general consensus on DU today, with members of good faith, is that Zimmerman is now and has always been a lying, murdering sociopath who escaped justice, after he stalked, assaulted and murdered an innocent child. We all agree with that assessment, right? Right.

Many of his defenders are sleeping with the virtual fishes. To them I say, "Fuck you and stay banned."

Zimmerman deserves to be rotting in prison now… I'm no less sure of this today than I was two years ago.

The REAL definition of White Supremacy (w/ SELF TEST)

Time once again for the Wednesday Get Down!


From Tumblr...

White society: refuses to recognize, showcase, and celebrate black beauty.

Black women: points out the problem

White society: “stop bitching, if you want to see better representation than you have to do something about it yourselves”

Black women: *creates their own spaces to celebrate black beauty

White society: “that’s racist, you shouldn’t exclude people”

White society: limits mobility for black actors and entertainers, especially in film and television / caters media specifically to white audiences

Black people: points out the problem

White society: “stop bitching, make something yourself”

Black people: creates own networks, award shows, and films and television specifically catered to black audiences and with the express purpose of giving more jobs and better visibilitiy to black artists.

White society: “that’s racist, white people don’t have their own channels and award shows; also. . black films? Entertainment should be made for everybody.”

White society: continues to treat blacks as second class and unprotected citizens

Black people: CALMLY points out the problem

White society: “not our problem”

Black people: creates black movement to protest the problem, through which some results finally start showing

White society: “that’s divisive, ALL LIVES MATTER… also this is not how you achieve results, you need to be more calm and civil, like my bff MLK!”

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