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You desperately need this Friday Puppy Fix... Enjoy!

Actually, I think I'll have a Coke...


And Republicans wonder why most black people won't vote of them...

Marco Rubio staff assumed the only three black people at his rally were spies, harassed them

Marco Rubio held a campaign rally this weekend in New Hampshire, and attracted a nearly all-white crowd. Three black women showed up to the event together and found themselves quickly harangued and harassed by Rubio’s staff, who approached them repeatedly and cautioned them about the use of their cameras, even though white attendees were using cameras all around them. The insinuation was clear enough: Rubio’s staffers assumed the attendees must have been opposition spies from the democratic side based simply on their skin color.

The three African-American women in question turned out to be two students and a professor who were attending the Marco Rubio rally as part of a journalism project. Rubio’s staffers working the event zeroed in on them immediately and informed them that they wouldn’t be allowed to shoot video due to their lack of press credentials. This occurred even as white attendees without credentials were filming the event all around them, including a white student who was part of their class. After the three black attendees were approached and harassed multiple times by Rubio’s people, they decided to leave.

That caused a white professor to complain about the apparent racial profiling he had just witnessed, which then prompted Rubio’s staff to ask the three black women to return to the event with full press credentials. No word yet on whether Marco Rubio will apologize for the racial profiling by his staff.


Get yourself out of here before I do...

Just a coincidence?



Tell us what it was like meeting an alien...

Christie Goes Down!


Thanks for the Valentines heart!

It feels good getting some love


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