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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 66,846

Journal Archives

Drame Pooch Delivers The Drama!

The Glory of Youth!

It's Git Down Wednesday!

Git down with yo' bad self!

A least we know who the white rural RWNJ vote is going for

That's who Cruz is going for. It's also his Achilles Heel.

Rubio will probably earn the spot as the anti-Cruz/anti-Trump candidate for the establishment GOPer contingent.

Steve King is looking like he's having an orgasm back there. nt

Who's this wig wearing pumpkin on my tv? Nt

Rubio is all sour grapes

So sad.

I was just on I-94, cruising at 80 mph

The only problem is that the speed limit is 70 mph. I'm lucky that the cops didn't show up before I ended my little experiment on the freeway.

Say, "When."


A gang of ne're do wells tried to kick my butt at the supermarket tonight

But I didn't let them. Walked out of there with my butt unkicked, you betcha!
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