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I should point out that this happened at a university in America in 2016....


UPDATE: Student in gorilla mask with bananas, nooses charged after Black Lives Matter face-off at ETSU


A barefoot man wearing overalls and a gorilla mask, trying to hand out noose-wrapped bananas to Black Lives Matter demonstrators, was taken away by East Tennessee State University public safety officers Wednesday afternoon.

According to a news release from the public safety office, freshman Tristan Rettke was charged with civil rights intimidation. Saying Rettke's actions "go against the values of our university where people come first and all are treated with dignity and respect," the university said the student has been placed on interim suspension. Criminal charges were pending before the local district attorney, and an internal student-conduct investigation was underway.

ETSU President Brian Noland held a press conference in the afternoon to speak out against what he saw Wednesday. And Noland did watch, almost in real time as it happened, via a video on a student's Facebook page.

"I was offended, but I was also saddened," Noland said about his personal response to Rettke's behavior. "The nation is not only raw, but it's healing."

Noland praised the Black Lives Matter demonstrators for their peaceful rally and handling of the disruption. He'd been in contact with many of those students through their academic careers at ETSU and was proud they reacted as such.


This shouldn't even BE a gawd damned question...

Innocent man beaten and arrested by police after being accused of breaking into his own house.

It shouldn't be too much to ask of America, right?

No doubt about it... Black Lives Matter.

The heart of the bully is the lack of self-validation

The heart of the narcissistic is the absence of concern and compassion for others.

The heart of the ignoramus is the inability to recognize what oneself does not know.

Sum it all up and you get Donald Trump. Admire it all, in spite of how wrong it is, and you get his supporters... People who are too fearful, hateful, stupid and disaffected for their own good. They believe that Trump will empower them and mitigate their inability and unwillingness to cope with the real world.

This is nothing more than a recipe for disappointment and failure. They're blind to it, of course.

The con man preys on these types of people for his support. They're utterly unaware that such people only cares about themselves and would never hesitate to exploit others in order to get ahead. During election year, the more, the merrier.

This is the heart of abuse.

It's finally come to this...

That explains a lot...

Giddy-yup, lil doggie nt

Say Their Names

Terrence Sterling killed by Maryland police for riding his motorcycle “erratically” on September 11.

Tyre King killed by Columbus police for having a toy gun on September 14.

Terence Crutcher killed by Tulsa police for asking for help with his broken car on September 16.

Keith Lamont Scott killed by Charlotte police while allegedly reading a book on September 20.

Tawon Boyd killed by Baltimore County police for being mentally unstable on September 21.

Justin Carr allegedly killed by Charlotte police during a protest on September 22.

Alfred Olango killed by El Cajon police for being mentally ill on September 27.

Black Lives Matter.
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