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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 62,254

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The Weeping Boner makes a comeback tour

Damn, I was rooting for Louie Gohmert.

Oh well.

Although I think that the aliens might have a different take on this...

I'm sure that this would be a perfect opportunity to discuss humanity's rampant arrogance and delusional self-importance.

Before they found out he was a cop and after...


The media is not your friend.

Monsanto has gone a bit too far this time...

Not a good list to be on...

Thanks, Doc...

Maybe they should check out the size of their MeDUlla OblonGATas too...


Happy New Year, everyone!

And a special shout out to 1Strong for his great work as of late.

My hat's off to you, Brother.

Happy New Year, my peoples!

You know what we need?

Well, I'll tell ya... Lot's 'o booze and a brand spanking new Hate Mailbag!

Middle finger to all our dearly departed haters who didn't make it to the new year.

This is our year now!

Never late for a date...

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