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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 63,762

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After voting, I'm taking my wife out for either a victory breakfast or a victory pizza

We intend to get to the polling place before it opens, but I have no idea what time we'll get through.

So, if we're out of there by 11AM, let's say, I'm taking her for a victory pizza across the street at the Irish bar.

So, what toppings should be on our victory pizza?

I'm open to sane choices.

Bob should be able to afford a clue…

Yeah. This guy sure is looking like a winner…

What the fuck are "activated almonds?"

If you don't think education matters, then you probably get your news from the dropouts…

Government isn't the solution, it's the problem…

"Welcome to the Republican Disaster Relief Hotline…"

Fucking Sixty Minutes! "Both sides" are NOT to blame!

Welcome to Bullshit Mountain

See you on the other side…

I feed on Freeper gloatings, they are my bread and staff of life

I savor the sweetness of their tears, so flavorful and satisfying. An unyielding torrent

Cry me a river, little Freeperlings. Sustain me.
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